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Stéphane is currently in his 3rd year of the Bachelor program, specializing in Marketing Full English. His last internship was with the PSA Group, as Assistant Manager Customer Care & Knowledge. He answers our questions and reflects on his experience in a digital marketing department:

– How did you find your internship?

I found my internship via the Internet, by joining a number of specialized Facebook groups dedicated to finding internships (INSEEC Bachelor now has an active private group for employment).

– What were your main missions?

I was in charge of analyzing the exchanges between teleconsultants, salespeople and customers in order to understand and identify the customer’s needs. At the end of all these analyses, I had to write and put on line FAQ concerning various PSA products and services, then forward the feedback to the dealerships, call centers or marketing departments.

I also participated in the launch of new vehicles: the new C3 or the new 3008 as well as the launch of a new sales profile (the Brand Genius, a “super salesman”).

– What do you remember from your training at INSEEC Bachelor that helped you in your internship?

Mainly all “soft skills” courses in strategy and management but also in marketing, communication and business development: “conflict management”, “project management”, “consumer behavior”. These courses allowed me to understand the professional world with a certain distance, to be able to work in a team.

Beyond that, our teachers who come from the business world teach us a lot of useful codes for our internships.

– Tell us briefly about the company

The atmosphere at PSA was particularly enriching, it is the typical example of a traditional French company: the premises are very large and there are a lot of employees. We have the impression of being in a permanent “rush”. The atmosphere is very “corporate” while remaining relaxed. I had the chance to work with top executives and to be well integrated.

– Your advice to students on how to find a good internship?

Our generation is lucky to evolve in the digital age: I found my internship by consulting social networks: many opportunities come from the internet.

Secondly, it is essential to know how to sell yourself and how to highlight what makes you different from others. I was accepted at PSA during my2nd year of Bachelor, while most of the other students had engineering profiles in Master.

Updated 24 February 2022