INSEEC Grande Ecole at the 8th place of the most influential schools on TikTok!

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It is no longer presented, the application TikTok (formerly Musicaly) has made its place among the most used social networks by Gen Z. Thanks to the health crisis and various confinements, a wave of content creators and influencers with communities of several million subscribers has emerged. Long shunned by brands, TikTok has now become an essential part of digital marketing and influence strategies.

In a few figures, what does this mean?

The application is present in 155 countries and available in 75 languages. In August 2020, just after the first containment, TikTok reached 800 million monthly active users worldwide. In France, we have over 15 million users.

In terms of economic benefits, ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok is valued at 75 billion dollars, which makes it the most valued startup in the world ahead of Space X (Elon Musk’s project).

Why is the application so appealing?

Indeed, the application has everything to attract brands: easy to use, in a few minutes it is possible to provide quality content thanks to the various tools made available and centralized at the same time. Editing, editing and publishing videos has been simplified to the maximum, the use of filters and effects can quickly overshadow the lack of technical knowledge that requires some more traditional editing software. And above all, the possibility to do everything from your phone.

What about INSEEC Grande Ecole?

INSEEC Grande École has entered the realm of TikTok.

During the month of October 2021, we asked our E-Ambassadors to help us position ourselves on the application. It is the fruit of the collaboration between our communication department and our students that allows us to create quality content while respecting the codes of the application.

Today, the account is managed by our e-ambassadors.

The Planète Grandes Ecoles ranking :

INSEEC Grande Ecole is ranked 8th in the ranking of the most influential grandes écoles on the platform by Planète Grandes Ecoles. The INSEEC Grande Ecole account has more than 35.8K likes on all our posts and a total of 438K views on our most viral TikTok.

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Updated 18 October 2023