Fatma Yoksuzoglu, MSc Audit & Controlling and work-study student at Bio Frais

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Within the framework of the MSc 2 Audit & Management Control that she is following on the INSEEC Chambéry campus, Fatma Yoksuzoglu is doing her work-study at a position of management control assistant.
n a fast-growing retail company: Bio Frais.
And in parallel with her preparation for the DSCG exams (Diplôme Supérieur de Comptabilité et de Gestion), as a free candidate.

Quite a program, loaded!

Finance was an obvious choice for Fatma Yoksuzoglu.

” After graduating from high school, I decided to specialize directly in a field that I liked : management and finance. Through a DUT GEA option Financial Management. This experience allowed me to acquire solid notions and bases. This prompted me to do my Bachelor’s degree as an apprentice for a period of two years . through a DCG (Diploma of Accounting and Management).

Thanks to this first opportunity, I discovered the accounting and management profession within an accounting firm. I have gained in maturity and better managed my stress”, says the student, who is passionate about futsal and nature in particular.

Fatma joined INSEEC Chambéry two years ago. She first completed an MSc 1 Corporate Finance. Then, since the beginning of the academic year, an MSc 2 Audit & Management Control.

” Management control is a field that requires precision, strong analysis and a critical mind. It is transversal with the other departments of a company (accounting/finance/purchasing). Being able to work with all the departments of a company and thus bring my analysis to the management for decision making, will allow me to feel useful and involved in the company. 

I also wanted to continue my apprenticeship to gain new experience and skills. I wanted to meet and work with a new team.

In addition, INSEEC is an institution offering a rich and instructive experience. This experience prepares students for professional life and for positions of responsibility upon graduation. That was my real motivation. “

 Working as an assistant controller

 ” I am doing my work-study as an assistant controller for a year at Bio Frais. My role is to accompany my tutor in the implementation of management tools for the analysis of financial data on the long term for the management and the various departments of the company. And thus to be able to draw analyses and to set up corrective actions”, continues Fatma, whose missions are extremely varied.

And its missions?

“I do the weekly sales reports, the implementation of tools to analyze the products for the purchasing department from our pro software or the creation of a matrix to obtain the accounting data and the data from the pro software, in order to make monthly reports and compare the differences. 

I process various accounting documents and several administrative tasks related to the proper functioning of the accounting department. I follow the implementation of tools to other departments including the data from the pro software. “.

In the future, the path seems to be all set for Fatma.
Fatma is also preparing her Superior Diploma of Accounting and Management.

” My personal project is to obtain a position of responsibility at the end of my master’s degree in order to feel committed and stimulated in the company. I wish to work in a company with strong human values. I am also considering teaching as a teacher. Or to start a business so that you can be free… “

Updated 24 February 2022