Masterclass “donations and wills” for MSc2 Wealth Management

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The class of 2021/2022 of the MSc2 Wealth Management and Real Estate Markets Inseec Chambéry had the honor to welcome Maître BALLALOUD-LEVANTI, notary in Faverges, on Thursday, December 2nd.

On the occasion of a Masterclass on donations and wills within the framework of the course given by Eric DELLAMAGGIORE ” Droit patrimonial : matrimonial regimes and successions “, the students discussed in particular the deed of notoriety and the shared donation. This concrete sharing allowed to mix theory and practice. The exchanges were fruitful and allowed to feed the reflection… and probably to give ideas of development for the thesis !

Rudolph DI GIORGIO, Head of the MSc2 Wealth Management and Real Estate Markets Program, would like to thank Maître BALLALOUD-LEVANTI for the time spent and the sharing of experiences, unanimously appreciated by the students. He salutes the initiative and the investment of Eric DELLAMAGGIORE in the MSc2.

He reminds us that the MSc2 Wealth Management and Real Estate Markets has been designed around the 3 skills: knowledge, knowledge to be and know-how, so that the students are fully operational at the end of the degree.

 We train students to master financial, legal and tax techniques in order to establish a wealth diagnosis for their future clients, with a view to formulating  complete recommendations taking these issues into account. The central idea is to provide a spirit of heritage synthesis and a commercial appetite, a combination that is highly prized by recruiters. The teaching staff is composed of specialists : notaries, lawyers, tax specialists, property managers, insurance and financial market professionals, independent advisors and private bankers. “


Updated 24 February 2022