Where to do a delayed start in February or March in Bordeaux?

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Most major cities in France have schools that offer a staggered or reversed start to the school year. Bordeaux is one of the most welcoming places for students: a city where life is good, everything is close by and the quality of life is pleasant. Find out here which schools offera staggered or reversed start in February or March .

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What is a delayed start?

The staggered start of the school year has become more common in recent years. Although the university year normally begins in September, the staggered start of the academic year is an exception. In fact, it does not start until January or February, or even March depending on the school. That’s why it’s called “offbeat”.

Apart from the delayed start of the semester, the delayed start is similar to the traditional start. Students enrolled in the program at the beginning of the school year receive the same training as students in the regular program. The content of the program is the same and the training courses lead to the same diplomas.

The obvious difference between the staggered start of the academic year and the traditional start of the academic year lies solely in the pace of the courses, either accelerated, as is the case for the Bachelor’s and MSc 1st year, or over a longer period (as is the case for the MSc 2nd year).

For the rest, the staggered start of the school year is advantageous. It is mainly intended for students who were unable to start their studies in September due to a tight schedule or for students who are reorienting their studies. Thanks to this new school year, students do not lose their year. Without doing a blank year, they follow the course of their choice.

Why do a staggered start to the school year?

The delayed start of the school year is a second chance for many students. Indeed, it gives the opportunity to make up for a mistake quickly. The pace of study is fast, but you will be able to access the program of your choice in the same year.

The staggered start of the school year is also a way to optimize their time.

Only a minority of students are interested in a delayed start. As a result, the quality of education is enhanced as teachers are able to support their students individually, if needed.

For those who are reorienting their studies, you should know that the delayed start of the school year concerns all courses of study. You are thus free in your choice. All you need to do is prepare your file well starting in November. This way, you put all the chances on your side for the competitions and interviews.

What is the difference between a staggered start and a reversed start?

The staggered start, as explained above, is just delaying the start date of the semester. Nothing changes, even the date of graduation is the same if the staggered start students and the traditional students are in the same school.


Reverse schooling is totally new, though. It consists of reversing the academic year programs. Specifically, the logic is that students learn first and experience in the workplace later. With reverse entry, the experience comes first. Those who are enrolled in a reverse start will begin their academic year at a company. For at least two months, the student holds a position as an intern or work-study student in a company and strengthens his or her experience. It is on this basis that the school courses will be developed.

Which schools offer a delayed start to the school year in Bordeaux?

Renowned schools offer a delayed start to the school year in Bordeaux. Among the best known is INSEEC. Whether you are aiming for a Bachelor’s degree or an MSc, the staggered start of the academic year is open to you. You don’t have to be in a career transition to take advantage of this benefit. You only need to secure your application.

INSEEC offers the reverse start and the delayed start at the same time.

For a 1st year Bachelor’s degree and a first year MSc for example, the start of the school year is in February and ends in August after a period of work experience. They then go directly to the next grade.

The MSc 2nd year students enter the school year on a staggered basis: from March to September, they attend classes for one week a month, then spend three weeks in the company. In September, they resume their work-study program following the September schedule: three weeks/one week or three days/2 days, depending on the course. And this for 1 year. So they do their year in 18 months.

The 3rd year Bachelors start the year in reverse: the student begins with several days of basic courses and then continues with the period in the company. For an initial course, the student will have to complete and validate a 5-month period in a company.

Updated 25 January 2024