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Direction Nepal for Human INSEEC, INSEEC Bachelor Chambéry solidarity association !
Théa Dall’agnol, Audrey Delaye, Tanguy Darde and Baptiste Rossier, 1st year students have a common project that is close to their hearts: Participate in the reconstruction of a Nepalese school in a region destroyed by the April 2015 earthquake.

A humanitarian action for Nepal

Remember: April 25, 2015, a terrible earthquake hits Nepal hard. More than 8,000 dead, more than 16,000 injured. The country is devastated, the population is destitute and the economic means for the reconstruction of the country are cruelly lacking. Since then, many humanitarian associations have been working to rebuild the country. But the task is immense!

Deeply touched by this human tragedy, our four students wish to put their energy to the benefit of this population. The situation of the children affects them even more. They decided to participate in the reconstruction of the school in Chhulamu, a small village in eastern Nepal, south of Mount Everest, at an altitude of 2,300 meters. In order to support their project, they joined forces with Shakti Nepal, which already carries out numerous humanitarian actions in this country.

The trip they plan to take during the summer of 2016, will give students the opportunity to:

  • Participate in the reconstruction of the school. The work consists of coating the walls with cob (a coating made of earth, sand, straw and water) and then carrying out the painting work.
  • To carry out awareness-raising actions on recycling even if the ecological dimension is not currently one of the priorities of the population.
  • To set up cultural actions for the benefit of children with exchanges on the theme of dance.

This ambitious humanitarian project requires an important budget. The main costs amount to €3,000 and include transportation, visas, accommodation, insurance and materials for the reconstruction of the school.

It can only be successful with the financial support of partners. But it is without counting the will of our four students who do not demerit by proving their commitment through various actions such as the sale of snacks at the breaks of the students, a partnership with the MJC of Chambéry during concerts, or the realization of class photos, etc.

In order to limit the financial burden on both individual donors and companies, Théa, Audrey, Tanguy and Baptiste created their own association Human’INSEEC and submitted their project to the Savoie Departmental Finance Office, which granted them the status of association of general interest. Thus, generous donors can obtain a tax reduction.

They plan to return with suitcases full of emotions and memories that they will share with us by producing a documentary. In the meantime, we can follow the different steps of their project on the website they just opened.

Updated 24 February 2022