Eliott Bernard, 3rd year Bachelor, currently in university mobility in Brno, Czech Republic

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Eliott Bernard, a young 21 year old from Chamonix, has just left for Brno, Czech Republic, to complete his 3rd year atInseec Campus Chambéry.

This great departure, in fact, is also a personal flight. There he continued his studies at Mendel University, named after the scientist Gregor Mendel, the founding father of genetics.

Why Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic?

Out of curiosity “, says Eliott, attracted by Eastern Europe. and to learn about the psychology and sociology of management and international exchanges. The cost of travel is low and the Czech Republic is a gateway to all other Eastern European countries “.

The future is therefore being prepared there ” perhaps to become an international salesman… before finding a more sedentary position,” he prophesies.

His career path was not without its setbacks: enrolled in a DUT in applied physics and chemistry in Annecy-le-Vieux, Eliott imagined himself an astronaut. With his baccalaureate S in his pocket, specializing in physics and chemistry, he said he was certain of continuity in the heights of the Haute-Savoie city.

But I didn’t like it. It was extremely sharp, far from what I had experienced in high school..

His parents, former boarders of the late Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Chambéry, advised him to opt for the world of commerce, accounting and linguistics.
Eliott found Chambéry to be a city and a campus “on a human scale”, with the mountains nearby. This familiarity of place made him choose Inseec, given his good sports skills (he is a high level field hockey player).

“I’m totally into it,” though he doesn’t regret his college experience. This was to be done, so he was able to refine his life project.

At Inseec in Chambéry, Eliott does not shave the walls. On the contrary, he is an active student, a member of the student office in his second year. He chaired the “Inseec Promotion” association, worked tirelessly to promote the school and organize open houses. For his fellow students, he is also one of the cornerstones of the ” Raclette Cup 3 “, the largest student raclette in the world.

Finally, his participation in the “4L Trophy 2020” did not go unnoticed. This race, held in Morocco, ended at the same time as a virus was spreading its relentless contagiousness in Western Europe. Now in his 3rd year of Bachelor’s, Eliott can already look back on a very successful start to his career.

On a human level, at Inseec, I became aware of my qualities and my management skills. I was able to participate in the development of projects, learn how to approach people and partners. I acquired the basics of business, a professional base with the various internships, and life skills.… In general, his confidence has increased.

I now know how to be entrepreneurial and adaptable,” he smiles.

Everything is now open to him. From step to step, he is ready, full of confidence. The country is in great need of a change in management, ” too pyramidal” , and he wants to participate in the change of mentalities, for a more horizontal system, where the desire of each person is taken into account.

And he is only 21 years old…

Updated 24 February 2022