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Thematic seminars on practical and real cases

Negotiation and customer relationship challenge

Argue, convince and conclude by participating in the Customer Relations challenge in front of a jury of professionals. It is about learning the practical basics of the sales situation: may the best person win.

Be responsible as a manager

During this seminar, students meet with management professionals working in different sectors. These management experts will discuss their backgrounds and share their professional experiences, deliver their visions, their practices and their interactions with the company’s employees.

With a pedagogical objective in mind, we wanted to give priority to the implementation of interactive sequences to allow students, through their own experiences, to discover the main aspects of management.


The highlight of the first year is the Storytelling of oneself, which is the ability to give meaning to one’s actions and to create desire. No matter what your activity, your projects, your background, it is the story you tell that determines your success. This seminar helps you to (re)discover yourself in a new light, to develop your creativity, to present yourself in an authentic way, to value your talents, to be unique in short.

Verbal jousting

I have a dream by Martin Luther King, the launch of the iPhone by Steve Jobs, the 3URL model by Elon Musk, all inspiring speeches on important issues. During the verbal jousting, you will have to convince, persuade, and create a strong relationship with the audience. Organized in the form of a battle, you will learn to reformulate your speech, adapt to your opponent and above all develop a precious tool in your studies and your professional life: to know how to convince and argue; to learn to defend your ideas.

Updated 24 February 2022