Evan Luccioni, in the Bachelor International Business program, flew to Canada!

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Canada or the country of field hockey; Evan Luccioni dreamed of it, and he did it!

He came to Canada for an internship in a company importing fine products. The Bachelor Business student at the Chambéry Campus tells us about his first days.

After graduating with honors in 2015, Evan opted to study law… before switching to business school after one year, to join the Inseec U. campus in Chambéry!

“I really appreciate within the school its real sense of networking and the many contacts it offers. And most importantly, after each year, there are opportunities to go on internships and put into practice all the knowledge you see in school.”

After a first internship at Spartoo, a specialized online store, Evan wanted to go abroad for his second professional experience. After a few sweats because the steps were long and costly to obtain this internship, he is finally in Canada.

“It was a very long process to get me recruited and to join this country. I can thank the campus director David Bouvier who really helped and supported me in my efforts.

“Canada? A dream from the beginning!”

So, for two and a half months, Evan worked for the Axyon Group, a company that imports caviar, charcuterie and other fine products. Alongside the five employees – including the founder, a Frenchman – the student from the Chambéry campus will be in charge of various missions. And by the way, what were those first accomplishments during his first days of internship?

“So I’ve been handling the company’s business documents for the time being and then I’ll be in charge of finding and soliciting new clients.”

Beyond this rich experience, Evan will take advantage of his few periods of rest to visit the country. Because yes, he was dreaming about it!

“Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve wanted to discover Canada… imagine, it’s the land of field hockey!”

In the end, the student from Chambéry must take full advantage of these two and a half months of internship… A unique experience.

Updated 8 March 2022