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Passionate about sport business and particularly soccer, it was natural for Léa Claret to pursue her studies in the first year of the Bachelor of Sport program at the Chambéry campus. The student tells us about her first internship, which she did in the GO SPORT group in Chambéry.

What were your missions?

“At Go sport I am in charge of all the “Outdoor” part, from skiing to hiking, including “urban” sports such as cycling… My tutor, Alexandre, gives me several different and varied missions.
Mainly, I do flow. J
I process the new merchandise and put it on the shelf. By the word “process”, I mean to put anti-theft devices on the new merchandise. I am also in charge of customer relations, like any other salesperson: I am at their disposal, I advise them on certain products and I answer their numerous requests. The store must always be clean. That’s why tidying up is also an integral part of my tasks in the store. Finally, in preparation for the busy season (Christmas, private sales and sales), I worked with my colleagues to label the products that were subject to price changes.

What did you gain from this first internship in your graduate studies?

“This first internship is very rewarding. It is my first professional experience in a company. I learned how to integrate into a team, and how to put into practice the skills I acquired during my first semester’s courses.”

What will you take away from this experience?

“I only retain positive things from this experience. It was very enriching both on a professional and human level. I discovered sales, which is an essential part of business today. I became part of a group. I learned many things about outdoor sports!
I also met some very good people who will be my future network.
Finally, I will remember the friendly atmosphere in which I did this first training course. It is essential for me to evolve in a group where there is a good atmosphere.

What difficulties have you encountered?

“First of all, it is important to know that my colleagues and my boss made me feel at ease very quickly. They were always there when I needed help or had questions. On this side I did not feel any problem.
The biggest difficulty I encountered was the knowledge of the products in the “outdoor” department.
Indeed, sometimes, customers asked me questions about products that were totally unknown to me. This difficulty was mostly present at the beginning, but then, by dint of learning and memorizing, I acquired a very good knowledge of my spokes.
The other difficulty I have had is to deal with clients and their demands in all circumstances. We represent the store and the GO SPORT group. Therefore, we have an image to maintain.
Finally, the last difficulty that I may have felt was fleeting; it was the fact that I was always standing. In class, we are used to sitting a lot. In the store, it’s the opposite, so you have to adapt. It was hard for 2-3 days and then I got used to it very well.”

In which area would you like to complete your second semester internship?

“After this very rewarding internship at Go Sport, I would like to do my second internship in the communication department of a soccer club. This sport being my passion, I only dream of one thing: to learn and evolve within a great institution.

Updated 4 September 2023