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Mathilde: combining passion and business creation while pursuing her studies.
Mathilde Covarel, 20 years old, is currently in her2nd year of a Bachelor’s degree in international studies. Her atypical career path combines her passion for horseback riding and her business creation project.

A passion for horseback riding

Her passion for horses since the age of 6 led her to choose INSEEC, which allowed her to continue to train thanks to classes ending early in the afternoon, without abandoning her studies. “The teachers are very accommodating to sports enthusiasts at INSEEC!”

Mathilde enjoys the thrill of competition as much as the contact with the animal and is now at the doorstep of the top level*. She wishes to succeed in combining her studies and the practice of her sport. “High-level sport and studies have always been a given, and there was never any question of stopping one or the other. The organization and rigor of my studies and daily training have allowed me to perform as well in my sport as in my studies.

LSD, its brand of bracelets

Once integrated into INSEEC, the project management course requires him to manage a professional project. With this in mind, she decided to create a brand of designer bracelets on the theme of skiing, in order to sell them in independent stores in ski resorts or in chic sports stores.

“We had to design a prototype, find a manufacturer for the “masks” and bracelets (in Morocco), choose the colors of the bracelet, and find our name: LSD, a nice and fun name!”


For the future, Mathilde wishes to engage in a profession that will allow her to finance her high level horse riding.

*Sportsperformance2013/2014 Pro seasons:
– 07/04/13 National Bourg Lent : 1/62
– 17/08/13 CSI** Arnas Chamburcy : 20/80
– 14/04/13 National Arnas : 1/89
– 04/05/14 National Macon : 1/53
– 18/07/14 CSI* Megève : 10/48
– 23/08/14 CSI** Verbier (SUI) : 18/58
– 15/10/14 CSI* Aix Meyreuil : 6/20
– 23/10/14 French selection CSI ** Gorla Minore (ITA)

Goal for her 2015 season: Perform in international competitions
In France :
– 19/02/15 CSI* Nice
– 30/03/15 CSI ** Cagnes sur mer
– 20/05/15 Grand Prix Classic Fontainebleau
– 02/07/15 CSI * Paris Eiffel Jumping
– 17/07/15 CSI* Megève

– 30/06/15 Olivia (ESP)
– 07/07/15 Manerbio (ITA)
– 20/08/15 Verbier (SUI)

Updated 24 February 2022