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The INSEEC Grande Ecole program

INSEEC Grande École, a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, awards a Master's degree, a state-approved diploma since 2005, recognised and accredited by the AMBA. Our degree is recognised in France and internationally.

  • 2nd & 3rd year undergraduate
  • Work-study possible for the L3 & M2
  • Grade de Master Degree - Title RNCP Level 7
  • 98,7%Net employment rate 6 months after graduation
  • 158partners universities in 43 countries

Strong points

What are the advantages of the Grande École program?

A school recognised for its academic excellence

INSEEC Grande École awards the Master’s degree, a state-recognized diploma in France and abroad, and has been AMBA accredited since 2016.

As a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) and the Chapitre des Écoles de Management, which brings together the best French business schools, we guarantee the highest level of quality and international recognition for our courses.

It brings together more than 60 permanent professors specializing in Management Sciences and nearly 300 lecturers from the professional world.

The other major advantage of INSEEC Grande École is, of course, the possibility of graduating with a double or triple degree, a must on the job market. The school offers 1 triple degree, 2 double degrees and 6 international double degrees.

Focus on business and employability

The school staff and the SREA (Alumni & Business Partners Relations) support students with two main objectives: graduation and professional integration. High-quality support and advice are provided to students, in constant dialogue with the company and with particular attention to the development of each student’s skills portfolio.

The Licence 3, Master 1 and Master 2 programs can be completed on a sandwich course basis. The school has a large pool of partner companies who take on our students on internships or work-study programs during their studies. INSEEC Grande École is a leader in the world of work-study programs.
It is ranked in the top 5 of the Parisien 2023 Work-study ranking.

INSEEC Grande École has been one of the pioneers of work-study programs since 1996. In fact, “INSEEC Grande École training is designed to prepare students for their first job as soon as they leave the school, but also for their second and third jobs … because this is now the reality of every professional life”, according to Guillaume GARNOTEL, Managing Director of INSEEC Grande École.

In this sense, work-study programs are a perfect fit with INSEEC Grande École’s vocation, as they enable students to study while learning a trade in a company. What’s more, this system often enables students to land their first job with the company that hosted them.

An international dimension at every stage of the course

All INSEEC Grande École students spend 2 months on the London campus or the Barcelona campus (of their choice) in 1st year (L3) and spend an academic semester in one of our 158 foreign partner universities in 2nd year (initial M1) or on one of our delocalized sites: Barcelona, London or Munich campuses.

In addition to these partnerships, INSEEC Grande École has developed double international programs for students interested in an international career:

  • OSM University of Management and Economics in Lithuania
  • International University of Monaco (IUM) in Monaco
  • Philipps-Universität Marburg, SRH Hochschule Berlin and ISM in Germany
  • University of Granada in Spain Universite de Moncton in Canada

Join a powerful, structured network of graduates

When you join INSEEC Grande École, you gain access to a network of over 20,000 graduates in key positions in 140 countries around the world… a network that contributes to the professional and personal success of each and every one of its members by fostering career opportunities and meeting new people.

Unique events and educational programs


Since 2007, INSEEC Grande École has partnered with the École nationale des sous-officiers d’active (ENSOA), the French army’s initial training school for non-commissioned officers. Every year, this partnership enables around 40 volunteers to experience total immersion at Saint-Maixent-l’École near Niort.


  • One-week military training course
  • Total immersion in the heart of the army
  • Discover military management methods
  • Extreme situations alongside professionals


An introduction to sustainable development and its challenges, through a series of lectures and problem-solving activities in real-life institutions.


A competition focusing on business creation (Entrepreneurship) and project development (Intrapreneurship) in the digital sector.


Real-time, team-based management of crisis situations affecting companies or institutions, over an entire night.


Students work in groups on the strategic innovation of a real company. The aim of this challenge is to propose a radical innovation for the company, to the point of disrupting the competition.


An event that allows students to discover different approaches and teaching methods. Professors from our partner universities are invited to take part in this event. Their expertise will enable them to cover different areas: Finance, Management and Marketing, addressing themes specific to their home institutions, countries and geographical areas.


What specializations does the Grande École program offer?

your three years at inseec grande école



What kind of financial aid is available?

INSEEC offers a number of financial aid schemes:

  • Work-study or apprenticeship contracts
  • The right to training via the CPF
  • Banking partnerships

Prices for initial training (self-financing) and continuing training (external financing such as work-study, CPF, etc.) can be found on the presentation sheets for all our courses.
Under a work-study program, the “learner” student does not have to pay any tuition fees; it’s the company and the OPCO that cover the costs.

Professional experience

No longer choose between academic excellence and professionalization

Is the INSEEC Grande Ecole program available as a sandwich course?

The first professional or associative experiences contribute to a better understanding of the working world. That’s why INSEEC Grande Ecole helps its students find an internship or work-study.

Is it possible to do work-study programs throughout the curriculum?

INSEEC Grande École also offers its students the opportunity to complete their 3 years of training on a sandwich course. Students benefit from theoretical training that is immediately put into practice in the workplace. The work-study schedule on our campuses is 2 weeks in the company and 1 week at school.INSEEC Grande Ecole has professional certification, RNCP title 36792.

What are the two work-study options available at INSEEC Grande Ecole?

Each formula allows the student to gain significant professional experience in addition to the acquisition of academic knowledge.

Work-study awards

Our program is one of the Top 5 business schools in the Parisien 2023 Alternance ranking. Thanks to our network of 600 partner companies, employability is at the heart of our program.


How to apply to INSEEC’s Grande École program?

You can apply for the Evolution 1 parallel admission exam after 2 years’ higher education and join our Licence 3 programme if you are :

  • Holder or in the process of obtaining a DUT, a BTS, a Licence 2, a level III certified title
  • Students enrolled in 2ᵉ year of IEP

You can apply for the Evolution 2 parallel admission exam after 3 years of higher education and enter INSEEC’s Master Grande École in the Master 1 year if you are :

  • Holder of or in the process of obtaining a diploma at L3 or M1 level, certifying at least three years of higher education
  • Holder of or in the process of obtaining a level II/III certified title

Steps in the application process

  1. Admission via the internal pathway (Evolution 1 & 2)
  2. Admission via the BCE pathway (preparatory class)

interview of guillaume garnotel, directeur inseec grande école



The Grande Ecole program, an accredited Master’s degree

What is the Master Degree?

The Grande Ecole program delivers a state-approved BAC+5 Master’s degree (Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures en Management).

The INSEEC Grande École program has been awarding the Master’s degree without interruption since 2005. The highest level of distinction awarded by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the Master’s degree is the guarantee of a very high level of academic and professional skills.

What labels does the Grande Ecole program have?

The Grande Ecole Program is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles and the Chapter of Management Schools; we thus guarantee the high level of quality and international recognition of our programs.

INSEEC Grande École has awarded an AMBA-accredited Master’s degree since 2016.Finally, we hold the sustainable development and social responsibility label.


The importance of research

INSEEC Grande Ecole develops research in line with the needs of companies. companies’ expectations with the aim of working on themes that concern them and in which they are ready to invest.
The INSEEC research center is made up of more than 70 professors and 8 HDRs, spread over three campuses (Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon), and includes 2 corporate chairs that are real meeting points between the world of teaching and research and the world of organizations.

To go further :


All INSEEC Grande École students spend 2 months on the London campus or the Barcelona campus (their choice) in 1st year (L3) and spend an academic semester in one of the 160 foreign partner universities in 2nd year (initial M1). They can also opt for one of 7 international double degrees in 3rd year (M2).
See our list of double degrees and our partner universities for academic exchanges.


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Frequently asked questions

Are several back to school sessions possible?

There is only one back to school session, in September.

Is it compulsory to join an association?

You can choose to join one of our 30 associations in the 1st or 2nd year.

How does INSEEC support international students on their arrival and integration in France?

How can international students improve their settlement and experience with “Welcome to France” and the immersive game Pardon my French?

And if you’re coming to study in France, the “Welcome to France” course is just for you!
Available on Bootscamp in English and French, this resource makes it easier for international students to settle in France by helping them with personal and administrative formalities.

The course also includes lessons and exercises to improve your command of French. You’ll also learn about French culture and habits as you play Pardon my French. In this immersive game, you take on the role of a Japanese student discovering the joys of studying in France!

Pardon my French won the Gold award at the Learning Technologies Awards in London in 2022 in the “Excellence in Instructional Design” category.

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