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The OMNES Education Group

As a leader in private higher education in Europe, OMNES Education is the only group to offer a range of lifelong learning programs that cover the main areas of higher education and research: communication, design, engineering, management and political science and international relations.

ECE, ESCE, EU Business School, INSEEC Grande Ecole, INSEEC Bachelor, INSEEC MSC&MBA, BBA INSEEC, IUM Monaco, Sup Career, IFG Executive Education, HEIP-CEDS, Sup de Création, Sup de Pub, CEI and Créa Genève are the schools belonging to this group.

They each have a strong identity but also common points: a highly qualified faculty and recognized professionals.

Their ambition is to promote student employability. Our schools offer our students a differentiating educational experience with a clear objective: to develop their employability.

Regardless of their career plans, OMNES Education Group graduates benefit from easy access to employment, not only upon graduation, but also throughout their professional career.

Governance at INSEEC Grande Ecole

INSEEC Grande École is housed in an association governed by the law of July1, 1901: the Association INSTITUT D’ÉTUDES ECONOMIQUES & COMMERCIALES, a non-profit association.

The Association has four categories of membership. It is thus composed of :

  • Academic Members
  • Active members
  • Honorary members
  • Supporting members

It is managed by a Board of Directors composed of 6 members appointed by the General Assembly of the Association. The Board of Directors appoints from among its members a President, a Treasurer and a Secretary.

The President of the Association INSTITUT D’ÉTUDES ECONOMIQUES & COMMERCIALES is Louis de Fouchier.

The latter, as well as the Treasurer and the Secretary of the Association, are independent and external to the OMNES Education Group.

Governance of other OMNES Education Group schools

The governance ofOMNES Education consists of the :

Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, the Managing Director, members of the Supervisory Board, members of the Academic Advisory Board & the International Advisory Board, members of the Research Department and members of the Schools Department.

To learn more about governance within the OMNES EDUCATION Group .

Updated 22 December 2022