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Finance is a specialization with several technical specializations:

  • banking finance
  • market finance
  • corporate finance
  • real estate finance

Banking finance, a sector at the service of the real economy.

Whether it is retail banking, private banking, cooperative and mutual banks or CIBs (Corporate and Investment Banks), the range of banking professions is evolving with dematerialization, digitalization and innovation.

The aim of our training courses is to guide our students towards the most relevant course for their future career and which best meets their aspirations.

With more than 300,000 employees, the bank is one of France’s leading private employers, with more than 50% of its recruitment of young people under the age of 30. The types of positions are very varied, ranging from sales to support and technical functions (tax specialist, accountant, auditor, consolidator, middle office manager, back office, etc.).

The increasing complexity of financial operations requires increasingly sophisticated skills. And the competition from 100% digital banks is pushing so-called traditional banks to constantly reinvent themselves and put customer loyalty and service at the heart of their concerns.

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Market finance, the functioning and operations of financial markets

Market finance is the specialization of the financial sector that deals with the operation and transactions taking place in the financial markets. In broad terms, it deals with:

  • Issues, operations and transactions relating to investment securities, financing and their derivatives (currencies, commodities, interest rates etc.).
  • The assessment of the potential prices and risks of these various investment, hedging or speculative assets.

There are many different types of positions, generally referred to as front office (jobs where you are directly in front of clients or creating products or trading for clients), middle office (risk management, compliance, IT Finance) and back office (settlement verification in particular).

Corporate finance, financing and financial management of the company

The objective of the INSEEC Corporate Finance courses is to enable students to acquire expertise in the field of corporate finance in general and financial analysis in particular.

Financial analysis is the activity of deriving information about the health of a company, particularly in terms of solvency and profitability, from accounting documents (particularly tax returns).

This job-providing sector is the cornerstone of all Administrative and Financial Departments. The teaching is focused on financing (capital raising operations) and financial management of the company.

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Real estate finance

The real estate sector represents a significant weight in the French and global economy. Over the last 5 years, thanks in particular to exceptionally low bank rates and an increase in demand, the property market has never been in better shape.

Our training courses aim to present the entire life cycle of real estate products: acquisition, sale, rental, but also construction, financing, operational management and renovation.

All courses in real estate finance or real estate management are presented in the Real Estate specialization.

Finance is one of the 10 areas of expertise of the INSEEC business school. Discover our 9 other specializations in business, communication, digital & data, real estate, international, luxury & wine, marketing, HR & health, sports.

INSEEC’s finance courses are available to students and professionals at all levels of study, from 1 to 5 years: BAC, BAC+1, BAC+2 (or BTS), BAC+3 (licence or bachelor), BAC+4 or BAC+5 (master or MSc & MBA). Our school’s educational system favors alliances with companies, whether in terms of internships, work-study programs, case studies or professional networks. Our graduates have a wide range of careers available to them at the end of their studies: insurance, banking, market finance, accounting, auditing, business law, risk management, taxation, management control, real estate management, etc., as well as positions of responsibility and management.

A training in one of the INSEEC schools on one of our campuses in Bordeaux, Paris, Lyon or Chambéry is the guarantee for the INSEEC graduate of a good understanding of the world of business and the economy of our society, in France and internationally. Whether still a student or a graduate, the learner is supported in the construction of his or her professional project by all our teams, from the teaching department to the company department. Whether it’s an internship, a work-study program, or a first job, we help them to develop their skills in order to find the best possible position on the job market and the job that suits them. This support takes the form of CV workshops, organization of professional events, sending out job offers, signing partnerships with partner companies, etc. at all levels of study, from post-baccalaureate to master’s degree, including bachelor’s degrees.

Updated 17 May 2023