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Admissions procedures: how to apply to INSEEC MSc ?

INSEEC has 4 training programs, accessible from BAC to BAC+5. The MSc is one of these 5 programs.

You wish to apply to the INSEEC MSc program and you are a French or international student living in France?

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You can apply to one of the 5 INSEEC campuses in Paris, Bordeaux, Rennes, Lyon or ChambéryYou can apply to any of the four campuses, depending on your training needs and your geographical location.

You have already started an online application and wish to finalize it? Simply click on the link sent to you by email or contact the admissions department.

You wish to apply to an INSEEC Master of Science program, you are an international student living outside France?

*If you have been living in France for at least 1 year, click here and provide your visa/residence permit information

Do not hesitate to contact the International Department for any questions regarding the admission process for international students living outside of France:

What are the admission criteria for the 1st and 2nd year MSc ?

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1st year of MSc | Bac+4

  • For students in the process of validating a Bac+3 (equivalent to a level 6 RNCP title) or having validated a diploma
  • For employees or professionals undergoing retraining, the programs are available at .

2nd year of MSc | Bac+5

  • For students in the process of validating a Bac+4, with a Bac+4 or Bac+5.
  • For employees or professionals undergoing retraining, the programs are accessible through continuing education (CPF, VAE, VAP…) .

What is the application process for the INSEEC Masters of Science ?

  1. Application
    • Submit your application and supporting documents on our online platform: identity card or passport, last 2 transcripts or last diploma, CV, cover letter.
    • Application fee of 80 €. Payment by credit card recommended. 14 working days of retraction. After this period, the application fee will not be refunded. (The refund does not apply to international students)
    • Closing date for applications: 1 month before the start of the school year – subject to availability of places and depending on the campus.
  2. Eligibility
    • Examination and selection of the application by a Jury.
    • The following will be taken into account: the academic quality of the applicant’s schooling, the relevance of the professional project, the quality of the applicant’s arguments, the diversity of the applicant’s work experience (student jobs, internships, etc.) and the applicant’s language level.
    • Average response time from the admissions department: 10 days.
  3. Admission
    • Sending an email of refusal or declaration of eligibility.
    • If the candidate is accepted, he or she is invited to an individual interview test (in French or English for international programs). The purpose of these tests is to assess the candidate’s motivation and knowledge of the targeted professional sector.
  4. Registration
    • If the candidate is admitted, a deposit of 350 € (2250 € for international candidates) is required to confirm the registration.

Commonly asked questions about applying for a Master of Science :

What is the educational requirement to apply for a Master of Science ?

To apply for a 1st year Master of Science, you must have validated or be in the process of validating a diploma equivalent to a Baccalauréat +3, which can be a Bachelor’s degree from an IAE, a university or a business school. To enter the second year, you must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree +4 validated or in the process of validation. At the time of the selection tests, the candidate may be in the process of validating his or her year, and will be asked for the justification of his or her success at the beginning of the school year.

I am already registered but the school has just contacted me to finalise my “academic registration”, what is this about?

It includes everything related to schooling : CVEC, options, languages, emergency contact, proof of diploma, etc… It must be finalized before the start of the school year.

I want to do the sandwich course, do I still need to pay the deposit?

If I already have a signed promise to hire : NO.
If I am looking for a company : YES. I will be able to benefit from the school’s support.

I have found my work-study program on another campus. Should I reapply?

Your admission is valid on all of our campuses, so it is up to you to make sure that the program you have chosen is available on the campus you want and then contact the admissions department to request a transfer of your file at least one month before the start of the school year.

I still have questions, who can help me?

All our teams are at your disposal to answer your questions and give you the maximum of information. To do so, we invite you to register for an information meeting (table below) or to contact our teams directly.

How do I prepare for the selection interview?

The oral selection is similar to a job interview. The jury is mainly composed of professionals from the school. The questions will focus on your education and professional background, your personality and your skills. Your oral fluency will be evaluated as well as your general culture related to your professional field: digital and data, business, international, finance, management, marketing, wines and spirits, luxury, marketing, real estate, management etc.

How many sessions are there per year?

There are two re-entries per year. A fall start, in September or October, depending on the course. And a return to school in the spring, in February or March.

How to apply for the February/March session?

The application procedure is the same for both sessions. If an application is received too late for the September intake, it may be redirected to the February/March intake.

Updated 23 April 2024