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Marketing courses: study at INSEEC

MARKETING professions: conquering the market!

Marketing is defined as all the techniques that enable a company to influence consumers in the direction of its commercial objectives.In other words, marketing is closely linked to sales and is therefore at the heart of a company’s strategy.

A marketing professional is responsible for theimage of the brand and will approach customers to sell products or services. He follows a strategy that is given to him by the management or that he has developed with the help of his teams. Defining a target, the company’s strengths, weaknessesand differences with competitors are among the points to be decided.

Professional training to prepare for all marketing professions

The INSEEC marketing center offers efficient and specialized training programs, from BAC to BAC+5, in order to prepare for all marketing professions:

  • Marketing communication manager,
  • Operational marketing manager,
  • Communication officer,
  • Productmanager,
  • Marketing project manager,
  • Marketing research manager,
  • E-marketing or webmarketing manager,
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • etc.

See also our page :“opportunities for a Bachelor in luxury marketing“.

Our training courses cover several major areas:

  • Marketing & Brand Management: how to animate and manage a brand
  • Marketing, Communication & Business Strategy: how to communicate effectively to implement the marketing strategy in the market
  • Marketing & Business Development: how to promote and sell products or services

If you wish to apply for one of these courses, please visit our website on the page : “Admissions procedures“. Choose the program you want to join and submit your application online. If your application is accepted, you will be invited to take additional written and oral tests.

For more information, please contact us directly.

The Marketing Training Program

As you will see during your school career, there are several types of marketing: strategic marketing, operational marketing and managerial marketing.

You will learn the basics and fundamentals of these three types of marketing up to Bac+3 and will start to specialize from the 4th year, thanks to the MBA and MSc. For example, you can specialize in luxury marketing, digital marketing or sports marketing.

You can also decide to go international. Indeed, the MSc, Master of Science, is generally taught in English and therefore allows you to consider a career in marketing abroad.

Your marketing training will also allow you to study over time: the various means of communication, the many sales techniques and marketing strategies. Here are some examples of subjects you will have to take during your marketing studies:

  • Project management
  • Web marketing
  • E-business
  • Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing tools
  • Market research
  • etc.

Your courses will be taught and your results recognized by real marketing professionals who are still working. They will take the form of workshops, masterclasses or business games in order to encourage interactivity and make your learning more dynamic.

A real exchange is created between the students and the professionals who intervene. With this method, you quickly gain autonomy, skills and learn to become a true professional in your field of activity.

Guaranteed employability in a competitive and constantly changing field

Depending on the program chosen, these areas are studied as a whole or in parts.

At the end of their training, students will have expertise and innovative know-how that companies are looking for.Even in times of crisis, companies are very much in demand for “marketer” profiles with a good knowledge of the market and its mysteries.

Internships and/or work-study programs will also allow students to develop their network, build their CV and boost their employability.

At INSEEC, you can decide to do your initial training through internships in companies lasting several months (in France or abroad) or to do your training in alternating work-study programs (under a professional contract or apprenticeship). In any case, you will gain experience in a company, which will certainly satisfy your future recruiters.

Today, it is a real asset to be able to accumulate both theory and practice in one’s learning.

Note that with the work-study program, you will receive a salary (*) and will not have to pay any tuition fees since everything is paid for by your host company. What a way to have a real student life! (outings, shopping, rent …). If you are interested, find out more about what the salary is for a bachelor’s degree.

Marketing is one of the 10 areas of expertise of the INSEEC business school. Discover our 9 other specializations in business, communication, digital & data, finance, real estate, international, luxury & wine, HR & health, sports.

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Updated 23 October 2023