The BBA INSEEC program

Discover the BBA INSEEC

  • Graduate Diploma in International Management
  • 1st year postgraduate approved by the state
  • THE most awarded post-baccalaureate diploma format in the world
  • An international identity consolidated since 1988: 170 partner universities worldwide
  • An immersive and innovative pedagogy: Learning by Doing
  • Progressive professionalization (internship in France and abroad each year, and work-study program possible in the 4th year)

Through its state-approved diploma and its multidisciplinary teaching and innovative and interactive pedagogy, the school trains future operational managers with international profiles, capable of meeting the major challenges of tomorrow.

You wish to have an international career in the sector of :

Join one of the top 10 French post-bac to Bac+4 programs .

A word from Guillaume GARNOTEL – Director of the BBA INSEEC

Guillaume GARNOTEL Director BBA INSEEC

“True to its pioneering character, our school offers a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) based on an innovative and ambitious educational project, in line with the economic challenges to come.

Our program, approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and modelled on the Anglo-Saxon BBA model, gives you the choice, after obtaining the state-approved Bac+4 diploma, between rapid professional integration thanks to the high employability it offers or continuing your studies in a Master’s degree (corresponding to the European LMD model). In this case, you will have access to a wide range of specializations – in France or abroad – offered by our schools around the world.

Our objective is to train young professionals who are pragmatic, operational, multicultural and open to the world, and to prepare them for successful professional integration in France and abroad.

This program, with its strong international dimension, has always focused on the development of skills that are highly valued by companies and that will stand out on attractive resumes and make your application stand out from the rest.

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    Why choose the INSEEC BBA?

    • A possible “Global Business Track” (100% English)
    • A “Global Business” course (in French/English)
    • A progressive specialization
    • 166 partner universities (+44 countries)
    • A “Learning By Doing” pedagogy
    • A school on a human scale
    • A dynamic student and community life

    A rich and interactive pedagogy in project mode

    • Wide-ranging skills in all aspects of business, management and administration.
    • An innovative teaching method based on group work and achievements
    • A strong immersion in the company
    • Preparation for the international job market

    What is the recognition of the BBA INSEEC diploma in France and abroad ?

    Our program has a triple recognition :

    • A VISA issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research,
    • A level 6 RNCP title issued by the Ministry of Labour
    • The international format of the degree (BAC+4) which corresponds to the Anglo-Saxon system of graduation.

    The recognition granted to the diploma is a guarantee of the pedagogical quality of our 4-year course and allows a rapid and promising professional integration.

    What are the specificities of the BBA INSEEC?

    The BBA INSEEC offers a general education for the first two years, with a focus on internationalization and professionalization. Specialization is progressive in this curriculum with a choice of elective courses in the 3rd year and a complete specialization in the 4th year.

    The values of the BBA INSEEC

    • International opening
    • Pedagogical expertise
    • Employability

    A certified diploma issued by a state-recognized institution

    The recognition granted to the diploma is a guarantee of the pedagogical quality of our 4-year course and allows a rapid and promising professional integration.

    International exposure as DNA

    Two international internship periods of 6 months or 1 year; practice of 2 to 3 foreign languages (preparation for the TOEFL and TOEIC tests); International Track (100% English curriculum); 1 mandatory study abroad session in one of 166 partner universities in 38 countries.

    A school helping you to efficiently build your professional project

    Joining the BBA INSEEC program is the assurance of quickly finding a well-paid position: 97% of students seeking employment find it in less than 6 months (20% abroad).

    A dynamic and rewarding community life for all

    More than 30 associations and PEA (Extracurricular Projects) are at the origin of initiatives in sports, art, business, events, student life and are very often correlated to a humanitarian or social cause.

    2 possibilities to integrate the BBA INSEEC

    Find out all the details below:

    Are you a senior in a French high school?

    Do you have a bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s degree + 1 or 2 years?

    Application for international students living outside France

    Beware! The international admission procedure only applies to you if you are not a French citizen, if you live outside of France and if you are not attending a French high school

    More information on the BBA international management course INSEEC

    On which campuses is the BBA INSEEC located?

    Are multiple entries possible?

    There is only one start of the school year, in September.

    Is it mandatory to join an association?

    In the first and second year, it is indeed compulsory for students to participate in the school’s community life, as this is part of the educational project.

    How to apply to the BBA program?

    More information on the admissions procedures page.

    Updated 17 May 2023