The INSEEC BBA program

The INSEEC BBA (or Bachelor of Business Administration) is a 4-year program approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education. This diploma is recognized in France and abroad. It provides an overview of the various aspects of business management and prepares students for a variety of careers in France and abroad.

  • Post-highschool or 1st or 2nd year undergraduate
  • Internships abroad and wor-study from 3rd year onwards
  • Diploma approved by the Ministry of Higher Education
  • 87%Employment rate 6 months after graduation
  • 170Partners universities in the world

Strong points

What are the advantages of the BBA program?


Our program has triple recognition:

  • VISA issued by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research,
  • A level 6 RNCP “International Manager” qualification issued by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, registered under number 36035 in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles published in the Bulletin Officiel on 15/07/2021. Certification is obtained by capitalizing on all 6 skill blocks.
  • The international format of the diploma (BAC+4), which corresponds to the Anglo-Saxon graduation system.

The recognition granted to the diploma is a guarantee of the pedagogical quality of our 4-year course and allows a rapid and promising professional integration.
Some key figures :

  • 99% success rate
  • 99% examens attendance
  • 90% satisfacion
  • 38 000€ average salary after graduation
  • 87% of our graduates in employment within 6 months of graduation


From the 3rd year onwards, our students can start a work-study program at INSEEC BBA.

Our new “International Business Management” specialization will combine academic experience and apprenticeship starting in September 2024. This new career path enables students to follow the academic curriculum of the BBA program while being immersed within major French companies operating in an international context. Apprenticeship is a lever for financing studies and facilitating access to employment.


  • Wide-ranging skills in all aspects of business, management and administration.
  • An innovative teaching method based on group work and achievements
  • A strong immersion in the company
  • Preparation for the international job market

Diploma Recognition

A choice of 2 tracks from 1st year: Global Business Track (50% English / 50% French) or Business Track (100% English).


What specializations does the BBA program offer?

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    What kind of financial aid is available?

    INSEEC offers a number of financial aid schemes:

    • Work-study or apprenticeship contracts
    • The right to training via the CPF
    • Banking partnerships

    Prices for initial training (self-financing) and continuing training (external financing such as work-study, CPF, etc.) can be found on the presentation sheets for all our courses.
    Under a work-study program, the “learner” student does not have to pay any tuition fees; it’s the company and the OPCO that cover the costs.

    Professional experience.

    How does work-study at INSEEC BBAs work?

    Are the training courses available in work-study?

    All our courses can be taken on a work-study or apprenticeship basis. Most of them are offered on a sandwich course basis. For more detailed information, please consult our specialization pages (information at top right of each page).

    Are all profiles eligible for work-study contracts?

    All French and national profiles are eligible for work-study courses. But that doesn’t mean that everyone can find a work-study program… A work-study student is paid every month by the company, which represents a considerable expense for the company, and the company is right to expect a certain level of return. Students who have had some initial professional experience through odd jobs or internships will therefore be more likely to be hired than those who have never worked.

    Can the school help me find a work-study program?

    To help you in your job search, the school’s Corporate Relations Department offers a range of coaching tools, including the NEMO platform. It lists all vacancies offered by INSEEC’s partner companies, and enables you to apply for vacancies, track your applications or take part in coaching workshops. On NEMO, you’ll also find offers for internships, VIE and first jobs. Employability events are organized on a regular basis.

    inseec BBA…and after



    How to apply to the INSEEC Bachelor program?

    Students in their final year at a French high school can apply by choosing the Concours Pass directly on Parcoursup.

    The application process is open to students :

    • have already obtained the baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma
    • have completed or are in the process of completing a 1st year of undergraduate studies (BTS, BUT, classe prépa, Licence 1…)
    • who have completed or are in the process of completing a 2nd year of undergraduate studies (BTS, BUT, classe prépa, Licence 2…).

    Steps in the application process

    1. Submitting the file
    2. Admission test
    3. Eligibility results

    the admission process


    Our aim is to train young professionals to be pragmatic, operational, multicultural and open to the world, and to prepare them for a successful career in France and abroad.

    Guillaume GARNOTEL

    Director of BBA France


    Is the INSEEC BBA a professional program?

    Our program has triple recognition:

    • VISA issued by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research,
    • A level 6 RNCP title issued by the Ministry of Labour
    • The international format of the degree (1st year postgraduate) which corresponds to the Anglo-Saxon system of graduation.

    The recognition granted to the diploma is a guarantee of the pedagogical quality of our 4-year course and allows a rapid and promising professional integration.

    Find here the list of our RNCP titles and Qualiopi certification.


    Looking for an international career?
    This is the very foundation of the school’s pedagogical project. 6 possible departures in 4 years. 170 partner universities Double or triple degree 17 to 22 months of internships abroad.

    See our list of double degrees and our partner universities for academic exchanges.


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    Frequently asked questions

    Are several back to school sessions possible?

    There is only back to school session is in September.

    Is it compulsory to join an association?

    In the first and second year, it is indeed compulsory for students to participate in the school’s community life, as this is part of the educational project.

    How does INSEEC support international students on their arrival and integration in France?

    How can international students improve their settlement and experience with “Welcome to France” and the immersive game Pardon my French?

    And if you’re coming to study in France, the “Welcome to France” course is just for you!
    Available on Bootscamp in English and French, this resource makes it easier for international students to settle in France by helping them with personal and administrative formalities.

    The course also includes lessons and exercises to improve your command of French. You’ll also learn about French culture and habits as you play Pardon my French. In this immersive game, you take on the role of a Japanese student discovering the joys of studying in France!

    Pardon my French won the Gold award at the Learning Technologies Awards in London in 2022 in the “Excellence in Instructional Design” category.

    Updated 17 May 2024