How to finance your studies at INSEEC?

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What are the different ways of financing studies?

There are several ways to finance your studies, they can be divided into two main families:

Initial training, also known as “classic”. In this case the financing can be done thanks to :

Continuing education, i.e. financing by an external organization. This can be :

What are the tuition fees at INSEEC?

Tuition fees at INSEEC differ according to :

  • The program: Bachelor, BBA, MSc & MBA or Grande Ecole
  • Depending on the year, from BAC+1 to BAC+5
  • Depending on the type of training, initial or continuous
  • Depending on the type of teaching, in French or English
  • Depending on the financing, in one or more instalments.

You will find the details of the tuition fees on each course sheet.

Updated 24 January 2022