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How can we help students find a company for an internship or a work-study program?

In order to assist students with their search for an internship or a work-study contract, our schools’ corporate relations departments have set up a coaching strategy.

an HR professional coaching a student

The Corporate Relations Department of our schools assists all our students with their search for a future company.
This support takes many forms:

  • CV workshop to create a relevant CV
  • Sendinginternship and work-study contract offers and negotiating partnerships with companies. These offers are available on an internal digital platform as well as on a dedicated facebook group.
  • Coaching in personal development
  • Workshops on professions, presentation of market developments and opportunities by professionals in the sector
  • Company events : afterwork, forum, job dating etc.
  • Professional conferences on employment-related topics

This support is reserved for future admitted and enrolled students.

Help to find a company: online and immediate support to start your search now

You are not yet registered but wish to advance your company search? INSEEC offers a series of online conferences to help you fine-tune your project:

What career should I go for? Target sectors that are recruiting

Webinaire INSEEC: Sectors that are recruiting

Develop your soft skills, as well as your current hard kills

Webinaire INSEEC: Develop soft skills

Working on your network, a market of opportunities

Webinaire INSEEC: Working your network

Optimize your job interview and stand out

Webinaire INSEEC: Optimize your job interview

The basis for coaching: become a Linkedin pro to increase your online visibility and improve your searches

2 online webinars to become a LinkedIn expert

Linkedin is no longer a resume database, it is an online reputation tool. With 707 million members, the social network has a growing audience.
All our contacts, pages visited, comments, reactions… build our Linkedin profile.

Webinaire INSEEC: Become a Linkedin pro

Webinaire INSEEC: Rock your Linkedin profile!

How to build your LinkedIn professional brand?

This is built through:

  • The profile: a well-completed page helps gain the trust of potential partners. A background image and a professional, recent and smiling profile photo brings 20 times more views! You should also consider writing a professional title and a relevant summary with these 4 types of information:
    o You, your passions
    o Your current role
    o Your achievements, your goals, your future
    o A call to action
    This profile must be written in English if the target is English-speaking, in French if the target is French. Ideally do both, the English version will be offered according to the IP.
    It is also necessary to put photos and videos, regularly updated, and add skills and certifications obtained.
  • Shares: ideally you should make three posts, articles or shares per week to build an expert image. However, be careful not to create two publications on the same day.
    Tag, tag, tag…especially people who have a large network!
    Don’t just share again, add a little comment, tag, #…
afterwork on the inseec campus: a professional talks to a student
an inseec amphitheater with students

LinkedInbest practices

  • Publish at a regular pace
  • Vary topics and formats
  • Be short and impactful, add #, @, Call To Action (CTA) and media
  • Be careful with sensitive subjects, especially political and religious ones

It’s up to you!

And to start, why not follow the LinkedIn pages of our INSEEC schools?

Updated 19 January 2023