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Dans un monde en perpétuel mouvement où la création de valeur est devenue un impératif catégorique de la gestion d’entreprise, le programme INSEEC Bachelor forme des futurs professionnels capables de concilier créativité, efficacité et agilité.

‘Marion FABRE’

‘Directrice INSEEC Bachelor’

2 ans (Bac +1 et Bac +2) pour acquérir les fondamentaux du business

Preparing for a Bachelor’s degree is a smart choice for students who want to build their career path gradually and benefit from training built in close contact with companies. Successfully entering the professional world requires a good mastery of the fundamentals of management sciences as well as skills related to the targeted sector of activity: this is how we have built the pedagogical model of the INSEEC Bachelor in 3 years. The first two years are therefore focused on general education, openness and curiosity, with the possibility of choosing a course of discovery of specific sectors of activity and their professions.

INSEEC Bachelor students working on a case study

… And 1 year (Bac +3) to develop more specialized professional skills

two students from the INSEEC Bachelor business school working on a course project

In the third year, in addition to the solid generalist background acquired in the first two years, students can choose from more than a dozen courses in different sectors: marketing and communication, sports, digital, luxury, wine, finance, real estate, management, international business. This third year can be done as an initial training course with a 5 to 6 month internship or as a sandwich course with an apprenticeship or professional training contract.

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1st and 2nd year courses

Our teaching method combines the mastery of the fundamentals in the key areas of the business world, an immersion provided by professional lecturers, an experience in a company from the 1st year onwards and a real personalized support.

Our goal? To make you autonomous while being supervised, trained and guided, to inspire benevolence, to be attentive to the world and to care for everyone. The courses are structured around 4 themes, allowing students to benefit from training in close contact with companies.

Culture Générale

Objectifs :

  • Situate the company at the institutional, legal and economic level
  • Acquire a geopolitical culture through the analysis of economic news
  • Mastering business English, essential for professional integration

Matières B1 :

  • Corporate law / Business law
  • Press review
  • Voltaire Project
  • Business English
  • Master Class

Matières B2 :

  • Consumer and labour law
  • Business English
  • Deciphering the economic news
  • International business
  • Personal branding

Gestion et compétences spécifiques

Objectifs :

  • Acquire the theoretical and practical skills necessary for marketing diagnosis and the implementation of a sales policy
  • Discover and use the main methods that govern the accounting and financial information system of the company.

Matières B1 :

  • Accounting and financial management
  • Business Plan / Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • Market research
  • Introduction to corporate communication

Matières B2 :

  • Financial analysis
  • Marketing mix
  • Business development
  • Fundamentals of communication
  • Communication and media planning
  • Social selling / Social media

Management, outil et projet personnel

Objectifs :

  • Acquire a transversal vision of the company’s problems by becoming aware of the understanding of social phenomena and the management of people
  • Develop computer skills to differentiate your career path

Matières B1 :

  • Introduction to corporate strategy
  • Sales techniques
  • Team management
  • Pack Office 1 & 2 / Introduction to the Adobe Suite
  • Soft skills
  • Speaking / Pitch

Matières B2 :

  • Project management
  • Organization and management practices
  • Adobe Refresher
  • HTML development
  • Soft skills / Working remotely
  • Talent & Leadership

Projets pédagogiques et professionnels

Objectifs :

  • To be confronted with project management (individual or in groups) and with the reality of concrete cases from the company
  • Putting the theoretical lessons into practice

Matières B1 :

  • Business game / Back to school seminar
  • Optional LV2 / Foreign languages
  • Challenges (learning by doing)
  • Develop your professional network
  • Project ‘fil rouge
  • Community life
  • Business Summer Session
  • Sales internship (5 weeks)

Matières B2 :

  • Business game / Back to school seminar
  • Challenges / Bootcamp
  • Communicate and convince
  • Optional LV2 or foreign languages
  • Community life
  • Immersion courses (3 to 5 months)

Parcours découverte

In addition to these fundamental courses common to all, students can, from the first year, choose a course of study and complementary modules which will enable them to better define their professional project with a view to confirming their choice of career path in the third year.

Exemple de cours en fonction des parcours choisis en B1 :

  • Sport: history of sport 1, the sports press, sports institutions, introduction to the economics of sport
  • Management, Finance & Real Estate: discovery of the real estate market and players, discovery of the financial market and players, operation of a real estate agency network
  • Business & Development: social media strategy, distribution and trade marketing, strategic business development, digital marketing and e-business
  • Marketing, communication & digital: discovery of the marketing and digital sector and professions, market and players in the event industry
  • Luxury, wines & spirits: discover the market and the players of luxury, discover the market and the players of wine, luxury experience

Exemple de cours en fonction des parcours choisis en B2 :

  • Sports: history of sports 2, sports brand marketing, introduction to sports commentary, introduction to e-sports
  • Management, Finance & Real Estate: cash management, management accounting and cost analysis, prospecting in real estate agencies, complex sales in real estate
  • Business & Development: retailing mix 3.0, strategic management and financial management, design & graphic charter, marketing presentation and commercial reporting
  • Marketing, communication & digital: lean startup, introduction to advertising, consumer behaviour, events, creativity and design thinking
  • Luxury, wines & spirits: discovering the wine & spirits business, distribution of luxury products, luxury events

Each semester is validated by the award of 30 ECTS credits. Progression through the Bachelor’s programme is achieved by validating the semesters one after the other, i.e. 180 ECTS credits acquired at the end of the 3-year programme. The evaluation of students’ knowledge acquisition is carried out through continuous testing followed by mid-term and final evaluations at the end of each semester.

Bachelor’s degree program areas and programs

INSEEC’s Bachelor’s degree program offers many programs that allow students to build the career path that corresponds to them.

The programs are designed, developed and updated each year to promote the development of students’ skills and thus adapt to changes in the job market.

Business & DevelopmentSales Activity Manager in E-commerce & Start Up
Business & Development International Business Manager
DigitalMarketing and Communication Project Manager in Digital
Luxury & Wine Sales Activity Manager in the Luxury Goods Industry
Luxury & Wine Manager of Commercial Activities in Wines and Spirits
Management, Finance & Real EstateFinance
Management, Finance & Real Estate Real Estate & Finance
Management, Finance & Real Estate Real Estate Transactions & Property Dealers
Management, Finance & Real Estate Financial Products, Real Estate & Insurance
Management, Finance & Real Estate Management & Financial Management
Management, Finance & Real EstateHuman Resources Officer
Marketing & Communication Marketing, Communication & Product Development Project Manager
Marketing & Communication Project Manager for Marketing, Communication and Events
Sport Manager of Commercial Activities in Sport Business
Sport Commercial Activities Manager in Sport Business – Ski Etudes
Sport Commercial Activities Manager in Sport Business – Sport Etudes

What to do after the INSEEC Bachelor’s program?

If the profile of the Bachelor’s graduates corresponds perfectly to the expectations of recruiters, our students now have the assets to pursue ambitious and varied studies. Thus, a young person can enrich and personalize his or her career path according to his or her professional project and motivations.

Two options are available to them:

How to finance my Bachelor ?

The prices below are for cash payment. They include the cost of the application, documentation, course materials, Internet, Intranet and computer resources, as well as participation in the life of the association. Several payment methods are available (cash payment, instalment payment). The amounts indicated are applicable to new students who will begin their studies in 2022.

Year 1: 8 300 euros *

Year 2: 8 400 euros *

Year 3:

  • Initial training: from 8,900 euros *.
  • Work-linked training (professional training contract or apprenticeship): from €9,700 (paid by the OPCO and the employer)

* Prices are given as an indication, may be different depending on the campus and are subject to change.

Updated 6 April 2022