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The Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management, acquire international expertise

Holders of a BAC can apply for the 1st year Bachelor’s degree, holders of a BAC+1 for the 2nd year Bachelor’s degree and those with a BAC+2 for the 3rd year Bachelor’s degree.

Students benefit from an intensification of courses in English from the first year and throughout the course.

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A diploma course in 1, 2 or 3 years to specialize in international business

This Bachelor’s degree provides an operational specialization that opens the doors to international trade and allows you to work in France or abroad thanks to a program that is 50% English-speaking.

The Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management can be done on a sandwich basis, depending on the campus, and aims to deepen the students’ knowledge of the major management disciplines in order to give them a strong international outlook and culture. This program trains professionals who will develop an international profile with an intensification of courses in English, for a rapid assumption of responsibilities in an operational position.

All our final year courses are specialized and professional, allowing students to be directly operational in a company at the end of their course.

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The Courses

The courses listed below are examples only and may vary slightly depending on the campus. The content of the courses is adapted each year to market developments and is updated before the start of each new school year.

The 1st and 2nd year courses are available here.

The 3rd year courses


Business game

The business game is played using a business simulator. Groups of students are responsible for running a business in real time. All major business functions are covered. Students will make decisions to maximize the profitability of the business.

Business english

To perfect the techniques of understanding and communication specific to international relations.

Contrat de travail et négociation

This module deals with the specificities of the employment contract: in terms of typology, execution, modification and suspension, termination, and even in its collective aspects.

Informatique de gestion

Software (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).

Conférences métiers et visites d’entreprise

Presentation of the sector’s professions by professionals and, if necessary, on-site visits.


Techniques de négociation et art de convaincre

This module allows you to appropriate the foundations of NLP in order to understand its interest, to easily create a relationship of trust with your client, to develop your sense of observation, to adapt your speech to the client’s sensory register, to refine the client’s expectations and needs thanks to the metamodel and to better understand the client’s behaviour thanks to the metaprograms, in the form of role plays.

Stratégie 360°

This module focuses on the study and deployment of communication campaigns. The case studies will range from SMEs with limited resources to multinational companies with much larger budgets.

Business plan financier

This module focuses on mastering the challenges of performance management by setting up a Management by Objectives, determining and setting SMART objectives, measuring performance in the company and the departments using previously defined indicators in order to create an action plan for management.

Expériences et challenges

The experiences and projects are multiple and meet the objectives of professionalization and practical situations.

This allows you to confront yourself with project management (individual or group) and the reality of the company.

Program: internships, seminars, corporate missions, team building, presentations.


International Business development & E Business

This course aims at understanding international business operations. In an ever-changing global business and economic environment, studying business from an international perspective is important. A focus will be done on geopolitics and how it affects our globalized economies. Interacting with international customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues will be part of this course.

International finance

Introduces participants with the fundamentals of finance in international commerce. Students will specifically acquire techniques for international financial management.

Supply chain management and logistics

The course is a global approach to the Supply Chain & Logistics Management and functions in an international environment stressing on:

  • The importance of purchasing and sourcing in today’s companies at all stages in a constant international business evolution
  • The direct implication of purchasing within Supply Chain and Logistics
  • How to build an efficient Supply Chain with the right tools, to develop procurement activities and transport management to achieve total cost of ownership
  • Risk management, trade regulations
  • Sourcing strategies

International strategy and marketing

The objective of this course is to offer fundamentals in marketing strategy in a global environment. It covers international market entry, product launches and communication.

International trade

Participants are introduced to the set of rules of international trade with a focus on incoterms and payment methods. This set of rules are commonly used in foreign trade to avoid misunderstandings, disputes and litigations.

Brand strategy: a global perspective

Companies and their brands now have a global perspective. What are the best practices to communication and to be attractive globally or on specific market? This course will give participants an overview of the latest strategies from various companies.

Focus on foreign markets

Introduces participants to several specific markets (Asia, South America…) and deals with the economic, social and political context of business activities.

Corporate communication

The objective of this course is to fundamentals of corporate communication in a global environment. It covers different internal communication aspects such as: International Crisis Communication, International brand image etc.

International Business Law

The aim of International Business Law course is to educate students in international business law, international trade law, international arbitration law, etc.


The aim of this course is to develop a fundamental analysis of the geographic influences on power relationships in international relations.

1 or 2 entries per year and an alternating study rhythm

Each year, the start of the 3rd year Bachelors’ programme takes place in September. Most campuses also offer a staggered start in February.

The course rhythm is 3 days/2 days for 6 months and then 6 months full time in a company.

This rhythm is the same whether the learner is in initial training (internship) or in continuing education (professionalization/apprenticeship).

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Job opportunities after the Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management ?

  • Marketing & Sales Manager
  • Marketing manager or officer
  • Marketing and Communication Officer
  • Product Manager
  • Customer advisor
  • Area Manager
  • Business developer
  • Marketing and Sales Developer
  • Key account sales representative
  • Commercial Manager

The details of the opportunities are available HERE.

What business skills are developed?

The objectives in terms of skills are to be able to:

  • Block 1 – Participate in the definition of the company’s or organization’s business strategy
  • Block 2 – Design and implement a business development plan
  • Block 3 – Define and manage the budgetary elements of business development
  • Block 4 – Lead and develop customer relations and the activity of the sales team
  • Block 5 – Professionalization – Designing and implementing international development actions

This program delivers the certification ” Responsable d’Activités Commerciales ” of level 6 (EU) registered in the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) under the code n°36294 .

The certification is obtained by capitalizing on all the blocks of competencies .

For more details, please consult the online repository: https: //

This certification is accessible by VAE.

The validation of the certification is obtained by the capitalization of four blocks of competences common to all the courses as well as a block of professionalization according to the course of the candidate .

Pedagogical Methods

Teaching methods

  • Lectures and interactive courses
  • Situational exercises through collective or individual case studies carried out by the students
  • Conferences, seminars and educational visits

Evaluation methods

The three years of the program alternate between concept acquisition and practical application.

Each semester is validated by the award of 30 ECTS credits. Progression through the Bachelor’s programme is achieved by validating the semesters one after the other, i.e. 180 ECTS credits acquired at the end of the 3-year programme. The evaluation of the students’ knowledge acquisition is done through continuous controls followed by mid-term and final evaluations at the end of each semester.

  • Individual or group case studies
  • Individual and group oral presentations
  • Individual and group files

Methods and tools

  • The evaluation methods are face-to-face, in the form of continuous assessment or final exams in the form of mid-term exams.

What are the tuition fees for the course?

Initial training:

  • For a 3rd year Bachelor’s degree : 9 250 €.

Continuing education (sandwich course) :

  • For a 3rd year Bachelor’s degree : 10 050 €.

Tuition fees may vary from campus to campus, please contact the desired campus for more information.

The rates presented are valid for the year 2022-2023.


VAE : 4 200 € HT

VAP : 850 € HT

International package: 490€.

What kind of financial aid is available?

INSEEC offers several financial aid schemes:

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