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The Bachelor Marketing allows you toobtain a state-recognized RNCP title of level 6 (Bac+3) and will give you all the keys to build, deploy and monitor your marketing strategy. See also the page “How to get a copy of my diploma ?

This is one of the most popular bachelor’s degrees for students, as marketing is a flourishing field that continues to fascinate new generations, especially since the arrival of digital technology. It offers many opportunities and allows for rapid and successful professional integration.

Find on this page all the information related to our Bachelor Marketing:

  • The program and the pace of the bachelor in marketing
  • Admission requirements
  • Professional opportunities

What is a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing ?

Are you wondering what a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing is? First of all, a Bachelor’s degree is a training program accessible directly after the baccalaureate for a period of study of 3 years, in a business or management school. You can also enter your bachelor’s program directly in the2nd year after a baccalaureate or in the3rd year after a baccalaureate (BTS or DUT). It all depends on your background.

This bachelor’s degree will allow you to obtain a state-recognized RNCP title, level 6 (bac+3).

As for the bachelor marketing, it is in fact a specialized bachelor’s degree in the field of marketing, intended for students who wish to work in this sector later on. It addresses all aspects of marketing: the operational marketing and strategic marketing, webmarketing, communication, digital, trade etc. It is a rich and extremely interesting marketing course that mixes practice with theory.

After your Bachelor’s degree, you can decide to continue your studies by specializing in one of the marketing fields, or you can go directly to specialized training programs such as the Bachelor’s degree in luxury marketing, which offers many opportunities. Otherwise, you have the opportunity to enter the job market directly.

One thing is certain: thanks to this bachelor’s degree in marketing, you will become true marketing professionals!

What is the program and the rhythm of the Bachelor Marketing at INSEEC ?

The first year of the Bachelor program focuses on the basics of business marketing, current trends and the discovery of digital and marketing professions. You will be able to do one or more internships during this first year (same for the second year).

The second year reinforces the knowledge acquired in the first year. You will study, among other things, communication strategies, sales techniques and selling, marketing strategies, the web and digital marketing.

You can complete the third year in initial training with a full-time internship (between 5 and 6 months in France or abroad) or in a sandwich course. The advantage of a work-study program is that you will be paid; the company will also pay your tuition fees and you will be able to quickly acquire significant professional experience, which is greatly appreciated by your future recruiters. Find out what salary you can earn in a bachelor’s degree (on a pro contract or apprenticeship).

You will specialize even more in the various marketing business areas. Indeed, the third year further develops the professional culture and envisages the students’ career plan. You will study project management, international management, communication, strategic marketing and international marketing.

For information, the evaluation of students’ knowledge acquisition is done through continuous assessments followed by mid-term and final assessments at the end of each semester. To obtain your diploma, you must validate all your semesters (180 ECTS credits).

What are the admission requirements for the Bachelor of Marketing program?

To be admitted, you must first apply online on the INSEEC website on the “Admission Procedures – Bachelor” page.

  • Admission to thefirst year is open to students in their final year of high school and to students who have already obtained the Baccalauréat.
  • Admission to thesecond year is open to students who have validated or are in the process of validating a first year of the first cycle (BTS, DUT, preparatory class, Licence 1…).
  • As for admission to the3rd year, it is accessible to students who have validated or are in the process of validating a 2nd or 3rd year of undergraduate studies (BTS, DUT, preparatory class, Licence 2 or Licence 3…).

You will then have a one-hour written test (file study, written test, MCQ “general culture and English”) except for admission in the3rd year. You will also have a 30-minute oral test on your motivations. (*)

*Subject to obtaining the diploma in progress or validation of the credits requested.

Plusieurs rentrées sont possibles

  • September/October
  • February/March

Start dates will depend on the campus and the marketing program selected.

Les Tarifs

The fees below include the application fee, documentation, course materials, Internet and Intranet resources, computers and participation in the association.

Several means of payment are available (cash payment, installment payment).

The rates below will be applicable to new students who will begin their studies at the start of the 2022 school year.

School YearClassical ratesRates for work-study programs
Year 18 300€*X
Year 28 400€*X
Year 38 900€*9 700€**

* Prices are given as an indication, may differ according to the campus and are subject to change.

** Under a professionalization contract or an apprenticeship contract. At the expense of the OPCO and the employer

Aides au financement

  • The alternating rhythm, in internship or work-study contract
  • The right to training via the CPF
  • Banking partnerships

Why choose a Marketing Bachelor ?

There are many answers to this question and many reasons today to pursue a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Discover the different answers to this question on the page Why do a bachelor marketing?

We explain to you how marketing has become an essential part of the business world. Indeed, it is all the strategies and actions that aim to develop the business of a company and contribute to its growth. So it’s extremely interesting and rewarding.

Marketing offers a variety of specializations (luxury marketing, fashion marketing, tourism or sports marketing, international marketing, event marketing, etc.) and a wide range of career opportunities.

The marketing bachelor’s degree is also a professional training program that can be carried out through internships or work-study programs. Thanks to this training you will acquire a professional qualification and will be able to enter the job market quickly and efficiently. It is a training that is very much appreciated by current recruiters since they believe that having a first substantial experience, in parallel with a quality training, can only be a great asset.

Your courses will be taught by marketing professionals (experts in the field) who will be able to talk to you about their own experiences. They take place in the form of workshops and other master classes, which actively participate in the students’ situation.

What are the opportunities for a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing?

At the end of your bachelor’s degree in marketing you will be able to decide:

Discover all the courses, diplomas and certifications that INSEEC offers today. By continuing your studies, you can decide to specialize more in a marketing universe that really interests you (e.g. luxury marketing,digital marketing bachelor ,marketing communication bachelor , etc.).

  • Enter the workforce: thanks to the fundamental knowledge and skills acquired during your marketing training, you’ll be perfectly placed to find a job in this sector.

You can easily apply for the following positions:

  • Product Manager;
  • Marketing Project Manager ;
  • Marketing Communication Manager ;
  • Marketing research manager for a company ;
  • Communication officer ;
  • Communication and digital marketing manager ;
  • Web marketing manager.

You will be able to work as an assistant or as a manager alongside the management.

For your information, the average salary of a Bachelor in Marketing is about 28K€ per year VS 30k-40K€ for a graduate of marketing master. In any case, this is an “average” and you can obviously earn more; but above all, you can evolve very quickly depending on your company, your experience and your motivation.

For more information on the bachelor marketing, please contact us.

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Updated 18 September 2023