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Bachelor in charge of Commercial Activities in Sport Business – Ski Studies

Title RNCP n°36294

A course that allows you to combine further studies with a professional project, and to be free in winter to continue competing while taking the State Ski Diploma.

Quentin Ladame

Student Bachelor Ski Studies

The Bachelor Sport Business – Ski Studies: combining sport, studies and professionalization

Would you like to gain a global view of the business world while continuing to ski at the highest level or taking your ski and mountain instructor qualifications ?

The Bachelor Sport Business aménagement Ski Études allows you to combine skiing, studies and work placements. Skiers can indulge in their sporting activities without sacrificing their future career prospects, and professionals can devote themselves to their seasonal winter activities.

A diploma course in 1, 2 or 3 years that adapts to your project

Holders of a BAC can apply for the first year of the Bachelor program, holders of a BAC+1 for the second year and those with a BAC+2 for the third year.

The objective of this specialization is to allow the athletes to have an arrangement of the annual calendar, allowing them to conciliate ski practice, studies and professionalization.

This winter break allows the optimization of sports performances and/or the possibility of obtaining diplomas issued by the sports federations related to the ski and mountain professions, such as the instructor’s certificate.

All our final year courses are specialized and professional, allowing students to be directly operational in a company at the end of their course.

What are the courses in INSEEC’s Bachelor Sport Business – Ski Studies?

The content of the courses is adapted each year to market developments and is updated before the start of each new school year.

A change of course is possible at the end of each year depending on the evolution of the student’s professional and/or sports project.

In addition to the core curriculum, Ski Studies students will take the Sport Business pathway to give their studies an extra dimension.

Les cours de 1re année

  • Point of sale and distribution
  • Introduction to management
  • General culture & news
  • Community life
  • Voltaire Project
  • Accounting and financial management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to corporate communication
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Word/Powerpoint Pack Office
  • Business English
  • Excel (statistics)
  • Back to school seminar
  • Challenge – Prospecting and sales techniques
  • Introduction to Law
  • Business skills 1
  • Market research
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Pack-office
  • Pitch/speaking
  • Soft-skills and personalities
  • Internship defense
  • Sales Challenge-Competition

Les cours de 2e année

  • Commercial action plan
  • Professionalization
  • Project management
  • Labour law
  • Managerial challenge
  • Community life
  • Deciphering the economic news
  • Financial analysis
  • Marketing mix
  • Fundamentals of communication
  • Business Excel
  • Business English
  • Introduction to adobe
  • Back to school seminar
  • Management of sales teams
  • International business
  • Business skills & E-Marketing
  • Strategic marketing
  • Communication & media planning
  • Operational communication
  • Social selling
  • Soft-skills-Personal branding
  • Business Strategy Challenge
  • Production of multimedia content
  • Internship report

Les cours de 3e année

In the 3rd year, you can choose a specialization that will allow you to keep the winter break or not.

INSEEC Bachelor teaching tools

In addition to courses, students enrolled in the INSEEC Bachelor have access to a whole range of teaching tools and platforms to take their training even further.

In this way, all our students are able to learn new things in new areas and broaden their skills.

Discover all the INSEEC Bachelor teaching tools.

What is the annual timetable for the Bachelor Sport Business – Ski Etudes?

This Bachelor’s degree is designed to meet the needs of skiers who want to combine their skiing, studies and professional experience.
This course combines the optimisation of sporting performance with the pursuit of classroom-based studies, thanks to a flexible annual timetable.

Ski Studies is :

– A winter break from the end of November to mid-April to optimise sporting performance and/or the opportunity to take qualifications issued by sports federations linked to the ski and mountain professions, such as ski instructor, and/or to combine studies with work experience in a company in the outdoor sector (under an employment contract or work experience agreement).

– A reduction in the length of work placements.

Target audience :

– Regional skiers

or have at least passed the technical test

or in the process of acquiring the technical test


– Top-level athletes in a winter sport discipline


– Ski and mountain professionals (instructors, guides, pisteurs, etc.)

For further information about the Sport Etudes programme, please contact the Chambéry campus.

What career opportunities are there after the Bachelor Sport Business – Ski Studies?

On completion of the Bachelor Sport Business – Ski Studies, graduates will be able to work in the following professions (non-exhaustive list) :

  • Sales consultant
  • Business Development Officer
  • International Project Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Business Development Consultant
  • Manager of a point of sale

You can read our article on all the opportunities in the sports sector.

What are the professional skills developed with the Bachelor Sport Business – Ski Studies ?

The objectives in terms of skills are to be able to:

  • Block 1 – Participate in the definition of the company’s or organization’s business strategy
  • Block 2 – Design and implement a business development plan
  • Block 3 – Define and manage the budgetary elements of business development
  • Block 4 – Lead and develop the activity of the sales team
  • Block 5 – Professionalization – Designing and implementing commercial actions in the sports sector

This program delivers the certification ” Responsable d’Activités Commerciales ” n°36294 registered in the RNCP.

This certification is accessible by VAE.

Thevalidation of the certification is obtained by the capitalization of four blocks of competences common to all the courses as well as a block of professionalization according to the course of the candidate.

What are the pedagogical methods of the INSEEC Bachelor program?

Teaching methods

  • Lectures and interactive courses
  • Situational exercises through collective or individual case studies carried out by the students
  • Conferences, seminars and educational visits

Evaluation methods

The three years of the program alternate between concept acquisition and practical application.

Each semester is validated by the award of 30 ECTS credits. Progression through the Bachelor’s program is achieved by validating the semesters one after the other, i.e. 180 ECTS credits acquired at the end of the 3-year program. The evaluation of the students’ knowledge acquisition is done through continuous controls followed by mid-term and final evaluations at the end of each semester.

  • Individual or group case studies
  • Individual and group oral presentations
  • Individual and group files

Methods and tools

  • The evaluation methods are face-to-face, in the form of continuous assessment or final exams in the form of mid-term exams.

What are the tuition fees for the Sport Business – Ski Studies program?

The tuition fees for the Bachelor Sport Business – Ski Studies in initial training are :

  • For entry to the 1st year Bachelor programme: €6,750
  • For entry to the 2nd year Bachelor programme: €6,750
  • For entry to the 3rd year Bachelor programme: €7,250

The rates presented are valid for the year 2022-2023.

An internal SHN performance grant of €1,500/year may be awarded (valid for 2023-2024).

The entrance exam fee for the Bachelor programme is €70 for all our campuses.

How long does the INSEEC Bachelor’s programme last ?

The duration of the INSEEC Bachelor programme varies according to the year in which you enter the school :

  • For entry into 1st year, the course lasts 36 months;
  • For entry into the 2nd year, the course lasts 24 months;
  • For entry into 3rd year, the course lasts 11 to 12 months.

What financial aid is available to integrate the INSEEC Bachelor in Sport?

INSEEC offers several financial aid schemes:

The INSEEC Bachelor welcomes people with disabilities

INSEEC, one of the schools of the OMNES Education group, makes every effort to be inclusive and open to all people, regardless of their background or situation.

Our goal is that no student with a disability should be hindered in his or her desire to pursue an education and a professional career.

Support is therefore provided to facilitate access to the premises and to offer personalized advice and adapted facilities throughout their school career.

Accessibility: all our premises are adapted to the handicap standards.

The disability advisor, present on each campus, is the main contact person who will help set up a personalized support system for the student.

It acts as a link between students with disabilities and the various entities that make up the school. It accompanies them throughout their training.

Contacts: a disability advisor is present on each INSEEC campus. You can find their contact details on the contact page of each city.

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