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Title RNCP n°36294

The Bachelor in Luxury, to specialize in all areas of luxury and high-end sales methods

In a highly competitive context and in order to meet the needs of a varied and increasingly demanding international clientele, it is essential to master the codes of luxury, the techniques of high-end sales as well as the marketing and communication skills specific to this sector.

All industries in the sector are experiencing strong growth. With the emergence of new brands, the luxury market has become very competitive and demanding but opens up many job opportunities in different segments such as jewellery, watchmaking, perfumery, business tourism, fashion, gastronomy and cosmetics.

A diploma course in 1, 2 or 3 years to specialise in the world of luxury.

Holders of a BAC can apply for the 1st year of the Bachelor program, holders of a BAC+1 for the 2nd year and those with a BAC+2 for the 3rd year.

The aim of this Bachelor’s degree is to train professionals in the sector so that they are able to understand the market, train and lead the sales force, prepare sales actions, organise and carry out sales, particularly on key accounts.

The Bachelor in Luxury prepares students to understand the marketing and sales thinking of the company, to deploy actions for the development of the company’s clientele, to evaluate the actions of development of clientele, to make reports and to propose the necessary corrections.

The 3rd year program can be done in alternation, it gives the necessary bases in management, marketing, sales and management related to the specificities of the wine industry.

All our final year courses are specialized and professional, allowing students to be directly operational in a company at the end of their course.

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What are the professional skills developed with the Bachelor in Luxury ?

The skills developed

In response to the needs of companies identified on the market, the certification develops the following blocks of skills:

  • Block 1 – Participate in defining of the company’s or organization’s commercial strategy
  • Block 2 – Design and implement a business development plan
  • Block 3 – Define and manage the budgetary elements of business development
  • Block 4 – Lead and develop the activity of the sales team
  • Block 5 – Professionalization – Design and implement marketing actions in the luxury sector

Complementary modules for orientation

The Bachelor of Luxury offers, depending on the campus and the ecosystem, three complementary orientation modules:

  • Tourism
  • Mode
  • Cosmetics

What are the pedagogical methods of the INSEEC Bachelor program?

Teaching methods

  • Lectures and interactive courses
  • Situational exercises through collective or individual case studies carried out by the students
  • Conferences, seminars and educational visits

Evaluation methods

The three years of the program alternate between concept acquisition and practical application.

Each semester is validated by the award of 30 ECTS credits. Progression through the Bachelor’s program is achieved by validating the semesters one after the other, i.e. 180 ECTS credits acquired at the end of the 3-year program. The evaluation of the students’ knowledge acquisition is done through continuous controls followed by mid-term and final evaluations at the end of each semester.

  • Individual or group case studies
  • Individual and group oral presentations
  • Individual and group files

Methods and tools

The evaluation methods are face-to-face, in the form of continuous assessment or final exams in the form of mid-term exams.

What are the courses in INSEEC’s Bachelor of Luxury?

The courses presented below are given as an example, they may vary slightly depending on the teaching campus. The course content is adapted each year to market developments and updated before the start of each new school year.

3rd year courses

Le tronc commun

INSEEC Bachelor’s pedagogy combines the mastery of the fundamentals in the key areas of the business world with an immersion provided by professional speakers.

Droit du travail

The aim of this course is to provide you with a foundation of legal knowledge in employment law so that you can secure your practice of employment law within your company. Managing a team in compliance with employment law. Establish a “fluid” relationship with the human resources department. Understand the key legal obligations relating to your role as a manager. Managing, delegating, supervising, reframing. Build a constructive, long-term relationship with human resources.

Éthique et RSE

This course is fundamentally action-oriented. It provides an overview of the fundamentals of CSR, the major global challenges and the opportunities that CSR offers companies. It shows why having a CSR approach is an opportunity for a company, how to act methodically to support your company in a robust CSR approach, and suggests a wide range of CSR actions for all your company’s activities.

Stratégie d’entreprise

Technique de négociation

All operational employees must be trained to conduct negotiations: whether commercial or personal ! This module provides an understanding of all aspects of commercial negotiation. The strategies, techniques and tactics involved in any B-to-B negotiation become an art ! During this module, the learner has the opportunity to be the actor of his own negotiation case.

Gestion budgétaire

Drawing up a budget is a key stage in defining and implementing the company’s development plans. The budget is used to plan and control the company’s performance and the resulting financial resources. Budgetary control involves comparing actual results with the budgeted figures on an ongoing basis in order to identify the cause(s) of variances and anticipate the resources needed to take corrective action. Learners will learn how to construct, organise and optimise their budgets and monitor them in order to better manage their business and cash flow.

Perfectionnement Excel

Excel is an essential tool for managing business data. You need to know the basic functions, but you also need to know how to use a few advanced functions to save time and improve efficiency.

Outils de reporting

Business Intelligence, or BI as it is more commonly known, is the term used to describe decision-making information systems that enable users, usually directors or managers, to analyse their business activities and draw conclusions from them in order to manage them more effectively.

Here we’re going to take a look at a free tool that enables us to do just that: the POWERBI Desktop software.


Séminaire projet

Business English

Développement personnel

In a society that is becoming increasingly difficult to understand, with ever-greater uncertainties, managers need to provide a solid foundation for their staff. To do this, they need to be increasingly clear about their own abilities and objectives, in order to be able to carry out their tasks of leading a sales or marketing team.

This course should make the link between your own objectives as a manager and congruence with the objectives of the company and your team.

Mémoire de pratique professionnelle


Cours de spécialisation

Contenu de marque

Conquête et fidélisation

CRM et clienteling

Expérience du Retail

Stratégie et outils digitaux

Rendez-vous du luxe

Cours de spécialisation – Mode

Communication événementielle

Mode et créativité

Histoire de la mode

Gestion projet mode

Cours de spécialisation – Tourisme

Marketing du luxe

Tourisme & Evénementiel


Tourisme du Luxe

INSEEC Bachelor teaching tools

In addition to courses, students enrolled in the INSEEC Bachelor have access to a whole range of teaching tools and platforms to take their training even further.

In this way, all our students are able to learn new things in new areas and broaden their skills.

Discover all the INSEEC Bachelor teaching tools.

What career opportunities are there after a Bachelor’s degree in Luxury?

Graduates of the Bachelor Luxe programme will be able to work in the following professions (non-exhaustive list):

  • Sales consultant
  • Business development manager
  • International Project Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Business Development Consultant
  • Point of sale manager

You can read our article on all the opportunities in the luxury sector.

What is the pace of course at the INSEEC Bachelor?

The INSEEC Bachelor offers 1 or 2 start dates per year and the possibility of following a traditional study programme or in alternation.

Each year, the start of the 3rd year Bachelors program is organized in September. Some campuses also offer a staggered start in February.

Find out more about our February intake at the INSEEC Bachelor.

The course schedule is 3 days/2 days for 6 months, then 6 months full-time in a company. This pace may vary depending on the campus chosen.

This rhythm is the same whether the learner is in initial training (internship) or in continuing education (professionalization/apprenticeship).

What are the prerequisites for the Bachelor’s in Luxury?

  • To enter the first year, you must hold a baccalaureate (all sections) or a Diplôme d’Accès aux Études Universitaires (DAEU), recognized as level 4;
  • For integration into the second year: it is necessary to have validated 60 ECTS in a sector considered to be identical in terms of competencies to that of the course or to have validated 120 ECTS in a management science environment;
  • For integration into the third year: it is necessary to have validated a 120 ECTS or a level 5 in a sector considered to be identical in terms of competencies to that of the course or to have validated 180 ECTS in a management science environment.

What certification does the Bachelor in Luxury offer ?

This program delivers the certification ” Responsable d’Activités Commerciales ” of level 6 (EU) registered in the RNCP (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) under the code n°36294 .

For more details, please consult the online repository: https: //

This certification is accessible by VAE.

The validation of the certification is obtained by the capitalization of four blocks of competences common to all the courses as well as a block of professionalization according to the course of the candidate.

What are the tuition fees for the Bachelor of Luxury program ?

The tuition fees for the Bachelor of Luxury programme depend on the type of course you choose: initial or alternation.

Initial course:

  • For entry to the 1st year Bachelor’s programme: €8,650
  • For entry to the 2nd year Bachelor programme: €8,850
  • For entry to the 3rd year Bachelor’s degree: €9,350

Continuing education (alternation course) :

  • For entry to the 3rd year Bachelor’s degree: €9,800

Tuition fees may vary from campus to campus. For more information, please contact the campus concerned.

The rates presented are valid for the year 2023-2024.

The entrance exam fee for the Bachelor programme is €70 for all our campuses.


VAE : 4 200 € HT

VAP : 850 € HT

International students pack: Mandatory fee of 490 euros for exclusive support services international students.

How long does the INSEEC Bachelor’s programme last ?

The duration of the INSEEC Bachelor programme varies according to the year in which you enter the school :

  • For entry into 1st year, the course lasts 36 months;
  • For entry into the 2nd year, the course lasts 24 months;
  • For entry into 3rd year, the course lasts 11 to 12 months.

What financial assistance is available to enrol in the INSEEC Bachelor in Luxury?

INSEEC offers several financial aid schemes:

The INSEEC Bachelor welcomes people with disabilities

INSEEC, one of the schools of the OMNES Education group, makes every effort to be inclusive and open to all people, regardless of their background or situation.

Our goal is that no student with a disability should be hindered in his or her desire to pursue an education and a professional career.

Support is therefore provided to facilitate access to the premises and to offer personalized advice and adapted facilities throughout their school career.

Accessibility: all our premises are adapted to the handicap standards.

The disability advisor, present on each campus, is the main contact person who will help set up a personalized support system for the student.

It acts as a link between students with disabilities and the various entities that make up the school. It accompanies them throughout their training.

Contacts: a disability advisor is present on each INSEEC campus. You can find their contact details on the contact page of each city.

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