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The MSc Outdoor Sports Marketing & Customer Experience programme

With double-digit annual growth, the outdoor industry is a formidable provider of jobs for students passionate about outdoor sports and trained in marketing, sales and communication strategy, with sports equipment manufacturers, specialized distributors or sports marketing companies . Today I have great pleasure in sharing my experience with these young people who know our playground well.
Pierre BRIAND, Skimium Brand Director, Class of 2014 and speaker

With this MSc and its ideal pace for immersing myself in a business, I was able to develop my professional network and have several job offers even before the end of my studies. I finally chose to continue in the company where I did my work-study program
Noémie MAINIERO, Trade Marketing and Sales Specialist France, Class of 2021

I spent two great years with very good people in the outdoor industry who I find today in the professional world, I also built strong friendships. I was able to easily find a job that I love, in my favorite region, the Alps
Arthur AVOCAT-MAULAZ, Sales Manager of the mountain professionals service at Nordica, Class of 2022

I wanted to have a 360° view of the different activities of the sport business. And to diversify, to have a more global vision. This program was the right one to complete my knowledge and vision in this field.
INSEEC is the school I was waiting for. I am very happy to be here today and to finish my schooling here. It has adapted to this new and complicated situation by offering quality distance learning courses. I have been working in this department for three years now. This allows me to get to know the agency, our activities and the employees. I am now in charge of internal and external communication for SPORTFIVE France and the development of SPORTFIVE’s global communication.”

Erwan BERTRAND, Former student – LinkedIn profile

Objectives of the programme

The Customer Experience Marketing Manager’s major activity is to place the optimization of the customer experience at the heart of the organization. It is about managing and maximizing the customer experience throughout the purchasing journey (upstream and downstream of the purchase or service) to satisfy and retain them. The Customer Experience Marketing Manager is the guarantor of a good user experience and conductor of customer satisfaction; and on the other hand, the effectiveness and profitability of the optimization solutions provided to customer relations. The know-how of the Customer Experience Marketing Manager consists of identifying, qualifying and prioritizing the actions to be deployed to achieve this improvement objective. He must order his actions, make trade-offs, distinguishing between quick-win actions and longer-term projects using the tools at his disposal.

A 1 or 2 year degree to become an expert in Outdoor Sports Management

Holders of a 3-year Bachelor degree can apply for the first year of the MSc, and holders of a 4-year Bachelor degree can apply directly for the second year.

How to apply to the MSc Outdoor Sports Marketing & Customer Experience at INSEEC?

The required prerequisites

The conditions for accessing the certification system (excluding VAE) are:

  • For entry into the 1st year of the course (MSc 1): to have validated 180 ECTS (level 6, License or equivalent) in the field of marketing, commerce, management or communication. You must have a professional level of English for the English-speaking programme.
  • For entry into the 2nd year of the course (MSc 2): to have validated 240 ECTS (level 6, Master 1 or equivalent) in the field of marketing. You must have a professional level of English for the English-speaking programme.
  • Executive training is subject to specific prerequisites with professional experience taken into account.

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The courses listed below are examples only and may vary slightly depending on the campus. The content of the courses is adapted each year to market developments and is updated before the start of each new school year.

1st years courses


Budget management and dashboards

The objective is to acquire key skills in terms of budget management and reporting. The emphasis will be placed in particular on budgetary architecture, with the implementation of summary documents, project management control and its link with budgetary management, the creation and management of dashboards.

Business English

This Business English module applied to marketing allows learners to implement and apply the right vocabulary and attitude.


This seminar focuses on negotiation in a national and international context. In particular, it will be necessary to take into account the cultural dimension and define its impact in an international negotiation. The national negotiation will focus on the sales process through role play.

Decision support software and tools

This module aims to deepen the skills of learners in IT to meet the demands of companies in terms of budgetary or commercial monitoring, project management, personnel management and communication: Excel, Word, Powerpoint, communication tools. teamwork, business software. It aims to perform well on office tools, quickly identify and correct errors, personalize existing tools or create your own tools.

Professional tools & methods

This module aims to deepen the skills of learners in IT to meet the demands of companies in terms of budgetary or commercial monitoring, project management, personnel management and communication: Excel, Word, Powerpoint, communication tools. teamwork, business software. It aims to perform well on office tools, quickly identify and correct errors, personalize existing tools or create your own tools.

Business Strategy & Business Plan

This module aims to learn how to create a Business Plan: design of a costed project for business creation or development. Several stages are addressed: feasibility study, market targeting, opportunities and risks, strengths and weaknesses, communication, financing plan and profitability..


Strategy & Customer Experience

This module allows you to master the design of a coherent and sustainable business strategy with a strong emphasis on the customer experience (“customer centric”). Sports brands and retailers alike must be able to stand out in order to improve their image and notoriety.

Sports Law

Master the fundamentals relating to sports law, particularly contract law and image rights.

Business Skills

This module allows learners to immerse themselves in real or fictitious business cases and to practice marketing strategy, operational marketing, the communication plan as well as peer exchanges in order to progress.

Data Analysis – CRM & Marketing

Analyze customer data and campaign results to improve marketing strategies, using CRM and marketing automation tools for segmentation, targeting and personalization.

Strategic & Operational Marketing

Depending on the general company strategy, strategic marketing as well as operational marketing will be addressed in this module. This module allows learners to be able to present and ensure that the entire marketing strategy and its action plan are coherent and understood by all stakeholders.

Focus Marché

This module allows for specific focuses on the sports sector and industry in order to allow learners to be at the forefront of knowledge.

No Code & Gen AI

A module that will allow you to create, format and manipulate data in Google Sheets, using complex functions and formulas. It will allow students to learn the principles of message engineering and their impact on AI responses.

Digital Marketing & E-commerce

Digital marketing and e-commerce are now essential facets for the development of companies in the sector. This module allows you to master the fundamentals.

Marketing & event communications

Mastery of strategy and actions in both marketing and communication related to events is imperative. This module therefore allows learners to become real event project managers from a sustainable perspective.

Distribution & Retailing policy

Distribution and retail distribution (retailing) now complements digital marketing and e-commerce, it is nevertheless an essential facet in order to continue to attract consumers to physical points of sale.

Team Management & Leadership

For future managers, mastering team management to become a responsible manager is imperative today. This module will therefore cover team management and its implementation as well as the concept of leadership to move towards benevolent and efficient leadership.


Written exams and oral presentation

2nd year courses


Consumer behavior & Customer Experience

Master consumer behavior analysis models and tools and develop relevant and targeted marketing strategies. Students will be able to understand consumer motivations, detect trends and anticipate their needs to optimize the impact of marketing actions and the customer experience.

Marketing Strategy

Analyze and understand all the elements influencing strategic decisions in the context of a new product launch, penetration of a new market, or modification of the competition. Master market analysis tools: demand, competition, products, environment.

Marketing & Innovation

The objective of this module is to familiarize learners with the role of brand/product manager in the management and launch of new products. Develop the marketing plan, the forecast budget, write briefings to service providers, define action plans that fall within the defined strategic line with a view to achieving realistically set objectives.

Applied research paper

Allow learners to know the expectations of the applied research dissertation. Formulate a problem, construct a literature review, choose the study methodology, make recommendations.


Digital Strategy & E-commerce

New communication levers: Internet (web 2.0 and 3.0, social networks, e-mailing, podcasting). E-reputation and brand protection on the Internet. Management of brand communities.

Digital Communication and Social Media Management

A particular focus will be on social media strategy with platforms, content creation and communities

Marketing, Communication & PR

This Master’s programme explores the interrelated disciplines of marketing, communications and public relations (PR). It aims to develop an in-depth understanding of strategies and techniques for: Understanding the market and consumers; Develop marketing strategies; Design and disseminate communications and manage public relations.

TechAway : UX/UI

Apply Looker for data mining, reporting and dashboarding. Understand the fundamentals of UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design, including design principles and user-centered design.


CRM Marketing

The objective of the module is to deepen the strategic and tactical aspects of customer relationship management (CRM) in an integrated manner.

Brand management & brand law

This module allows students to develop expertise in brand management and acquire the legal skills necessary to protect and promote brands in a national and international environment.

Financial management and forecasting

This module explores the inner workings of financial management and forecasting, providing an in-depth understanding of financial markets and strategic decision-making.

CSR and Sports Marketing

This Master’s course explores the alliance between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sports marketing. It revolves around ethical and environmental issues in sport, sustainable marketing strategies and responsible communication.


Team and Talent Management

Define a Team & Talent Management strategy, Motivate and retain employees and build high-performance and multicultural teams.

Management of sports organisations

Integrate legal constraints into the development of the marketing and commercial strategy (in the context of an event). Lead and develop an efficient distribution circuit (ticketing). Organize the operational aspects of the company’s commercial development with distributors.

Master Class

This module will include practical and professional workshops (CV, professional social networks, coaching, etc.) as well as professional conferences and short interventions.


Marketing and Event Design

This course focuses on event marketing, immersive scenario design, logistics and budget management, and evaluating the impact of events.

Hospitality and Services

Raise awareness of the importance of Public Relations for Businesses and Hospitality in the functioning of sports organizations in terms of economic development. Train and prepare students for different professions relating to project management and marketing of sports hospitality.


This course focuses on the analysis of the e-sports market, economic models, sponsorship, marketing strategies, team management and intellectual property rights.

Written exams and research paper

2 start dates per year and various rhythms of studies

There are two openings per year, in February/March and September/October. To check the opening of each intake, contact the admissions department directly.

The pace of the course may differ from campus to campus and depending on whether the course is carried out under an internship agreement (initial training) or a professionalization/apprenticeship contract (continuing studies).

The work-study contract must be signed for a period of 12 months (MSc2), 24 months (MSc1 + MSc2) or 18 months for the staggered start of March (continuation of studies in MSc2).

Career opportunities after an MSc Outdoor Sports Marketing & Customer Experience

  • Responsible for customer experience (Chief Customer Officer)
  • Chief Experience Officer
  • Director of Marketing (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Marketing Manager Director of fan experience (Sport)
  • Guest relationship manager (Hospitality Management)
  • Clienteling Director (Luxury & Fashion)
  • Wine tourism mission director (Wines & Spirits)

What business skills are developed?

  • Professional certification allows you to prepare the following skill blocks:
  • Develop a marketing strategy focused on the customer experience (“Customer centric”)
  • Manage the operational implementation of the customer experience strategy
  • Design and deploy loyalty levers for performance
  • Manage teams and unite around the concept of customer experience in agile mode

To these common blocks of skills, the following sectoral optional block is added:

  • Coordinate and deploy the customer experience marketing strategy in the sports sector

To consult detailed job descriptions by specialization, click here.

Certification is obtained by:

  • Validation of four skill blocks common to all courses as well as a specialization block depending on the candidate’s course (obtaining a score greater than or equal to 10/20 in each block skills)
  • Completing a period in a company of at least 132 days in the second year of the course (MSc2)

Professional certification of “Customer Experience Marketing Manager” level 7 (EU), NSF code 312, delivered by INSEEC MSc (CEE-SO, CEE-RA, CEE-OUEST, CEE-M, CEFAS, MBA INSTITUTE), registered under number 38598 in the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications) by decision of the Director General of France Compétences of February 9, 2024.

Find the skill blocks associated with this RNCP title by clicking here.

What are the teaching methods?

Teaching methods

  • Lectures and interactive courses
  • Situational exercises through collective or individual case studies carried out by the students
  • Conferences, seminars and educational visits

Evaluation methods

  • Individual or group case studies
  • Individual and group oral presentations
  • Individual and group files

Methods and tools

  • The evaluation methods are face-to-face, in the form of continuous assessment or final exams in the form of mid-term exams.

What is the 2024/2025 tuition to enter the program?

Initial training:

  • Entry into MSc1: 11950€
  • Direct entry into MSc2: 12550€


  • 24-month training: 22500€
  • Direct entry into MSc2: 12950€

In the context of work-study training, tuition fees are payable by the OPCO and the company signing the contract.

Do you have any questions about work-study or our school in general? Consult our frequently asked questions.


  • VAE : 4200€
  • VAP : 850€

International package: 490€

What kind of financial aid is available?

INSEEC offers several financial aid schemes:

Key numbers of the MSc outdoor sports marketing and customer experience

Training certification title for the 2022/2023 promotions


National success rate – Class of 2023


Presentation rate – Class of 2023


Overall integration rate – Class of 2022


Satisfaction rate at 6 months – Class of 2022

*details by campus on request


The OMNES Education Group pays particular attention to the societal environment, including the disability dimension. Indeed, we believe that students with disabilities should not have any problems in pursuing their studies and starting a professional career. We accompany them to facilitate their access to the premises, offer them personalised advice as well as adapted accommodations throughout their school career.

Accessibility of premises: all our campuses are accessible to people with disabilities.

To learn more about the OMNES Education Group’s disability policy, click here.

Contacts for disability referents by campus:
Bordeaux : Maxime DOUENS –
Lyon : Anissa GASMI –
Rennes : Laura LE CALVEZ –
Paris : Farid HAMAD –
Chambéry : Clément BERTACCO –
Marseille : Océane VALOTTI –


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