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Admissions procedures: how to apply for the INSEEC Bachelor’s degree?

INSEEC has 4 training programs, accessible from BAC to BAC+5. The Bachelor’s degree is one of these 4 programs.

You can apply to one of the 6 INSEEC campuses in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Beaune, Rennes or Chambéry, depending on your training wishes and your geographical location.

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Beware! The international admission procedure only concerns you if you are not a French citizen and you live outside of France.

Do not hesitate to contact the international department for any request concerning the admission process for international students living outside of France:

What are the admission criteria for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Bachelor’s degree?

Like the majority of post-bac business schools, the application to join the INSEEC Bachelor is managed independently, outside the Parcoursup procedure.

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1st year of Bachelor’s degree | Bac+1

Admission to the first year is open to students in their final year of high school and to students who have already obtained the Baccalauréat.

In the 2nd year of a Bachelor’s degree

Parallel admission to the 2nd year is open to students who have completed or are in the process of completing the 1st year of an undergraduate degree (BTS, DUT, preparatory class, Licence 1…).

In the 3rd year of a Bachelor’s degree

Parallel admission in 3rd year is open to students who have completed or are in the process of completing a 2nd or 3rd year of undergraduate studies (BTS, DUT, preparatory class, Licence 2 or Licence 3, etc.).

1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Written admission testsStudy of the file
Written test
General culture and English (MCQ)
(90 questions / 1 hour)
Study of the file
Written test
General culture and English (MCQ)
(90 questions / 1 hour)
Study of the file
No written test
Oral admission testMotivational interviewing
(30 minutes)
Motivational interview
(30 minutes)
Motivational interviewing
(30 minutes)

*Subject to obtaining the diploma in progress or validation of the credits requested.

Commonly asked questions:

Est-ce que tous les campus se valent ? Pourquoi choisir un campus plus qu’un autre ?

The philosophy of the INSEEC Bachelor’s program is the same on all 6 campuses: support and proximity, a curriculum that combines business fundamentals with specialization and professionalization. On each campus, the student associations give rhythm to the life of the school.

However, some specialisations are only available on certain campuses (e.g.: ski studies in Chambéry, Wine Business & Oenotourism in Beaune and Bordeaux).

Je suis un étudiant étranger, puis-je postuler à un Bachelor / licence de l’INSEEC ? 

Yes, the INSEEC Bachelor is open to students of all nationalities. Foreign students can apply online; after studying their application, they will be evaluated during a motivational interview by videoconference. It is necessary to have a good level in French except for the “full English” programs.

Dois-je passer par Parcoursup pour postuler à un Bachelor / une licence de l’INSEEC ?

Admission to the INSEEC Bachelor program in the first year is subject to a simplified procedure outside Parcoursup. After submitting their application online, students will take written tests and a motivation interview.

Est-ce qu’un étudiant peut entrer à l’INSEEC à n’importe quel niveau du Bachelor / licence ? 

It is possible to join the INSEEC Bachelor in the1st,2nd or3rd year, depending on your level of study.

Combien de temps dois-je attendre avant de recevoir un avis d’admissibilité ?

The results are communicated within 10 days.

Updated 29 August 2022