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Business is one of the 10 specializations at INSEEC.

All companies, regardless of their field of activity, need salespeople to sell their products and grow.

Find the most frequently encountered jobs:

Business Developer

The business developer helps his company to expand its influence and acquire new markets.

What are the missions of a business developer?

The role of the business developer, as its name indicates, is to create a development strategy for his company.
It will identify the new areas it needs to develop and the means to achieve them. He will, for example, look for new products to distribute, propose new marketing strategies or new markets.
Once identified, these new objectives will be the subject of a business plan that the business developer will submit to his teams and whose progress he will follow.

What are the skills of a business developer?

This position requires rigor and organization, the business developer must also master the techniques of innovation marketing and know the functioning of his company inside out.
Fluency in English is essential and knowledge of one or more other foreign languages is desirable.

Category Manager

The category manager is responsible for developing the turnover and profitability of one or more product ranges. He defines the assortments, ensures their visibility and coordinates their implementation in the store.

What are the missions of a category manager?

Definition of the product offer: positioning analysis, competitive intelligence, development of the commercial plan. Animation of the product offer (in collaboration with product managers and sales locations).
Management and monitoring of the performance of the product offer (budget, reporting).

What are the skills of a category manager?

Good knowledge of the company’s sales and marketing policy.
Excellent knowledge of the product line (or universe).
Knowledge of computer tools such as spreadsheets (Excel) or databases.
Ability to manage a project with various stakeholders.
Ability to visualise and realise the presentation and enhancement of assortments.

Brand Manager

The brand manager implements the image strategy of a brand to make it strong and visible.

What are the missions of a brand manager?

It analyzes the market and the brand’s place in it, and analyzes the marketing actions taken and their results.
The brand manager’s mission is also and above all to coordinate all the development departments of a product and to guarantee the consistency of the brand.
He works with influencers and monitors the brand’s social networks.

What are the skills of a brand manager?

This position implies being curious and open-minded, it is both a creative and responsible job.
The brand manager must be at ease with relationships and have a critical and artistic sense.

Product Manager

The product manager follows the production and marketing of a product from A to Z. .

What are the missions of a product manager?

He studies the market and the competition and tries to anticipate consumer needs.
He/she establishes a marketing budget for the product and then fully supervises the design of the product, ensuring that the instructions given on its design are respected.
Finally, he validates and implements the communication campaigns and selects the distribution networks.

What are the skills of a product manager?

This position requires negotiation skills, team spirit and a good command of the English language.

Store Manager

The store manager contributes to the definition of the store’s strategy. He is responsible for developing the store’s economic performance in collaboration with his teams. He coordinates the commercial animation and supervises the operation.

What are the missions of a store manager?

Thestore managerdefines and implements the store’s commercial policy in accordance with the group’s objectives while ensuring compliance with the company’s policy. It establishes the medium-term development project.
It coordinates the commercial offer through a commercial animation policy and an innovative service policy.
He/she elaborates and analyzes the commercial results and develops the performance of his/her store.
He/she manages the teams, establishes the recruitment in collaboration with the HRD and is responsible for the respect of the labour law.

What are the skills of a store manager?

This position requires an excellent knowledge of merchandising techniques, the local economy, the competition and business development prospects.
He has knowledge in management and human resources.
He knows how to manage projects, takes initiatives and is very rigorous.
He has excellent interpersonal skills and knows how to federate his teams.

Regional Director

The Regional Manager implements and coordinates the company’s or brand’s sales policy and contributes to the development of the business and economic performance. He/she supervises the management teams of the stores in his/her geographical area.

What are the missions of a Regional Director?

TheRegional Managerimplements the company’s business strategy at the regional level. He designs and implements action plans in conjunction with the sales and marketing departments. It ensures the implementation of actions in the various points of sale. It defines short and medium term development objectives.
He/she is responsible for monitoring commercial operations and developing performance through the analysis of profitability indicators.
He/she manages the teams present in the points of sale, monitors the implementation of objectives and supports the sales teams

What are the competencies of a Regional Director?

The Regional Manager has an excellent knowledge of the company’s commercial and merchandising policy as well as the way a store operates.
He/she has strong analytical and synthesis skills and knows how to develop and implement commercial action plans.
He has the ability to manage and coach company executives. He has leadership skills and a taste for communication.

Key Account Manager

The Key Account Manager’s mission is to manage the portfolio of the most important customers of his company.

What are the missions of a Key Account Manager?

The KAM manages what is called a “key account portfolio”. In marketing, this is what is considered to be a very high turnover customer.
The Key Account Manager will produce a specific sales strategy for each account under his responsibility and manage the sales budget.
He establishes a relationship of trust with his client to whom he sells his services.

What are the skills of a Key Account Manager?

Great interpersonal skills are required for this position, the Key Account Manager must be a negotiator at heart, commercial but also inspire the confidence of his client and know how to stand out from his competitors.
Fluency in English is essential and knowledge of one or more other foreign languages is desirable.

Administrative Sales Manager

Under the authority of the financial director, the sales administration manager is in charge of the administrative part throughout the sales management process.

What are the tasks of an Administrative Sales Manager?

The sales manager has four main tasks.
First, it controls the processing of orders. To do this, he makes sure that the products are available and that their price corresponds to the current rate (promotion applied for example). Consequently, he manages stocks and delivery schedules and ensures that delivery deadlines are met.
His second mission concerns customer care, on which the company’s image depends. He must therefore manage complaints, answer customers’ questions and settle non-payment problems.
Secondly, it has a business management and forecasting task to collect data, derive results and analyse them. Using statistics, he can establish a budget and anticipate sales.
Finally, the Sales Manager acts as an intermediary between the various departments and oversees their communication.

What are the skills of a Sales Administrative Manager?

The sales administration manager must have excellent interpersonal skills to manage direct contacts with customers. He has negotiating skills and works with rigour and reliability.
Knowledge of finance and accounting, as well as management software and computer tools will enable him/her to carry out his/her missions successfully. Finally, he speaks English perfectly.

Quality manager

Also known as a quality manager, he monitors the entire production chain to ensure that the final product is free of defects. He is the guarantor of quality and therefore of the company’s image, whatever its field of activity.

What are the missions of a Quality Manager?

The quality manager works primarily for the protection of human health, and his task does not only concern a product, but also extends to the personnel.
He establishes a quality strategy and a quality communication strategy and is responsible for implementing them. In the manufacturing process, he makes sure that the standards are respected by ensuring the hygiene of the premises.
It carries out internal audits and reports on them. If an error or problem is identified, it is resolved and recommendations are made to achieve their improvement goals.
It is drafting a quality guide for employees to raise their awareness on this subject. Finally, it is working to obtain official certifications, such as ISO.

What are the skills of a Quality Manager?

The quality manager must be rigorous and methodical, he carries a big responsibility on his shoulders. His analytical and listening skills help him in his task.
He has some knowledge of law. He/she must have knowledge related to the company’s field of activity (biology, chemistry, marketing, etc.) and be fluent in English.

Customer Service Manager

The customer service manager manages the customer relationship of a company, usually on the Internet.

What are the missions of a Customer Service Manager?

It deals with customer loyalty, improving customer knowledge.
It defines the strategy for using visitor and/or customer data.
It builds and implements E-CRM solutions to offer products adapted to the visitor’s profile.
A customer service manager must monitor the results of his operations to make them more and more efficient.

What are the skills of a Customer Service Manager?

Marketing and IT skills are essential for a customer service manager. You should also be familiar with key performance indicators and statistical concepts. The position requires good analytical and synthesis skills.
The customer service manager must be responsive and know how to meet users’ expectations. Creative, a force of proposal, he must also know how to anticipate and be very reactive because, on the Web, the modes and the techniques evolve very quickly.
Fluency in English is essential and knowledge of one or more other foreign languages is desirable.

Development Manager

The development manager prepares the establishment of future stores, the extension or the relocation of existing stores, according to the commercial strategy of the brand or the group.

What are the missions of a Development Manager?

Thedevelopment managerdefines and programs the company’s development policy. It analyzes the company’s development potential according to the evolution of the market, the competition and the commercial positioning.
He programs acquisitions and expansions, carries out preliminary market studies and conducts commercial negotiations.
He designs and coordinates the development of new sites and handles internal and legal authorizations.
He/she ensures that the project is followed up within the given deadlines and budgets.

What are the skills of a Development Manager?

The development manager must have excellent interpersonal skills to manage direct contacts with customers. He/she has negotiating skills and business negotiation skills.
Finally, he or she must be fluent in English if the market is international.

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Updated 17 May 2023