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International business is one of the 10 specializations at INSEEC .

All programs at INSEEC allow our young graduates to work abroad or in international companies.

Find the most frequently encountered jobs:


The buyer ‘s main task is to manage purchases for his company: he chooses products and suppliers, negotiates the bestpurchasing conditions (quality, price, delivery, etc.), according to specifications defined by management, the production department (industry) or the sales department (distribution).

What are the missions of a buyer?

It is thanks to the work of the buyer that a company can optimize its costs and increase its profits. His mission is to study and select the suppliers with whom he will negotiate costs and deadlines to obtain a quality/price ratio that is profitable for the company. He must be able to find the best deals without neglecting quality and convince a supplier to work with him on his terms. The company’s margin depends entirely on the buyer’s negotiation at the time of signing the contract.

What are the skills of a buyer?

A buyer must have good interpersonal skills and a keen sense of negotiation. They must be available, able to find the right deal and have a good command of stress. The practice of English, or even several languages, is essential.

Supply chain manager

The supply chain manager must coordinate and plan upstream transport and shipments, assist in the preparation and shipment/receipt of goods and ensure that the work is consistent with the needs of production and/or stores.

What are the missions of a supply chain manager?

He must therefore process the orders upstream, ensure the management and physical maintenance of the storage warehouses. He also plans the transport, it is up to him to respect the terms of deliveries which were concluded in the contract.
Then, he sets up the customs operations, prepares the grouping of goods. Finally, he participates in the production planning by guaranteeing the availability of raw materials.
He supervises the subcontracting policy in terms of transport, storage and packaging, as well as elaborating procedures aimed at optimizing costs, deadlines and quality, and controlling the product’s routing phases.

What are the skills of a supply chain manager?

The supply chain manager is familiar with the technical specifics of transporting and storing products. This allows him to maximize productivity. He optimizes the supply chain thanks to his mastery of management, purchasing and supply procedures.
The supply chain manager has good interpersonal skills. This allows him/her to organize his/her teams and to maintain a good cohesion.

Business Developer

The business developer helps his company to expand its influence and acquire new markets.

Quelles sont les missions d’un  business developer ? 

Le business developer, comme son nom l’indique, a pour rôle de créer une stratégie de développement pour son entreprise. 
Il va identifier les nouveaux axes qu’elle doit développer et les moyens d’y parvenir. Il va, par exemple, chercher de nouveaux produits à distribuer, proposer de nouvelles stratégies marketing ou de nouveaux marchés. 
Une fois identifiés, ces nouveaux objectifs feront l’objet d’un business plan que le business developer va soumettre à ses équipes et dont il suivra l’acheminement. 

Quelles sont les compétences d’un business developer ? 

Ce poste nécessite rigueur et organisation, le business developer doit également maîtriser les techniques de marketing de l’innovation et connaître le fonctionnement de son entreprise sur le bout des doigts. 
La maîtrise de l’anglais est indispensable et la connaissance d’une ou plusieurs autres langues étrangères est souhaitée.  

Key Account Manager

The Key Account Manager’s mission is to manage the portfolio of the most important customers of his company.

What are the tasks of a Key Account Manager?

The KAM manages what is called a “key account portfolio”. In marketing, this is what is considered to be a very high turnover customer.
The Key Account Manager will produce a specific sales strategy for each account under his responsibility and manage the sales budget.
He establishes a relationship of trust with his client to whom he sells his services.

What are the skills of a Key Account Manager?

Great interpersonal skills are required for this position, the Key Account Manager must be a negotiator at heart, commercial but also inspire the confidence of his client and know how to stand out from his competitors.
Fluency in English is essential and knowledge of one or more other foreign languages is desirable.

Marketing Product Manager

The product marketing manager in the healthcare industries develops and implements the marketing strategy to support the commercial performance of their products. It manages the life of a product, from its design to its distribution, by being the interface with all the services.

What are the missions of a marketing product manager?

The marketing product manager monitors the economy, technology and regulations to keep abreast of new developments and market trends.
He designs market research and product tests, determines procedures and analyses the information gathered in order to identify the characteristics of a market in terms of opportunities/threats, strengths/weaknesses.
He/she develops sales forecasts, defines and adjusts the positioning of products on the market, defines the communication strategy that accompanies the product and coordinates the creation of packaging elements.
Finally, he/she is in charge of the product launch, coordinates all the departments and service providers involved in its development, implements the marketing action plan and monitors sales.

What are the skills of a marketing product manager?

The marketing product manager has a solid knowledge of the elements of the marketing mix: price, product, promotion, distribution as well as statistical tools. He masters the global and regulatory environment of his sector of activity.
He has a good understanding of the major market trends.
He is fluent in English. He/she is a team player, a resourceful and creative person.

Marketing Project Manager

The marketing project manager defines and implements a marketing strategy for all the company’s products.

What are the missions of a marketing project manager?

His main activity will be to define the commercial and marketing strategy of the company. This analysis should also allow to find opportunities to exploit and to know the competition.
He will also have to develop a marketing plan through research. Finally, on a daily basis, he/she will have to manage his/her team and determine the strategic and communication means to be implemented.

What are the skills of a marketing project manager?

A perfect command of marketing and computer tools is required. As a marketing project manager, you must also have :
– Analytical and synthesis skills.
– Financial and legal skills.
– Ability to listen and observe.
– Negotiation skills.

With a good sense of observation and analysis, the marketing manager is able to determine changes in consumption patterns.
With a good sense of teamwork, he must know how to motivate all his collaborators to achieve a common goal.
His interpersonal skills must enable him to get the members of his team to adhere to his ideas and convictions. He also knows how to be autonomous in studying the budget required for each project.

Administrative Sales Manager

Under the authority of the financial director, the sales administration manager takes care of the administrative part throughout the sales management process.

What are the tasks of an Administrative Sales Manager?

The sales manager has four main tasks.
First, it controls the processing of orders. To do this, he makes sure that the products are available and that their price corresponds to the current rate (promotion applied for example). Consequently, he manages stocks and delivery schedules and ensures that delivery deadlines are met.
His second mission concerns customer care, on which the company’s image depends. He must therefore manage complaints, answer customers’ questions and settle non-payment problems.
Secondly, it has a business management and forecasting task to collect data, derive results and analyse them. Using statistics, he can establish a budget and anticipate sales.
Finally, the Sales Manager acts as an intermediary between the various departments and oversees their communication.

What are the skills of an Administrative Sales Manager?

The sales administration manager must have excellent interpersonal skills to manage direct contacts with customers. He has negotiating skills and works with rigour and reliability.
Knowledge of finance and accounting, as well as management software and computer tools will enable him/her to carry out his/her missions successfully. Finally, he speaks English perfectly.

Brand Manager

The brand manager manages and develops the reputation of one or more brands on all media (on/offline). It ensures that the brand is consistent with the company’s overall media strategy.

What are the missions of a brand manager?

Competitive intelligence and market analysis Definition of a brand development strategy.
Implementation of marketing actions and management of the budget and monitoring of indicators.
Creation of brand identity and promotional content / Storytelling.
Animation of the website dedicated to the brand, management of communities on social networks. Development of sponsorship actions.

What are the skills of a brand manager?

Good knowledge of different marketing research techniques.
Knowledge of media plans, media buying channels, creative tools on the Web.
Good knowledge of social media, monitoring tools and e-reputation management.
Knowledge of SEO and traffic analysis tools.
Writing and communication skills, creativity.
Strength of decision and conviction.

Category Manager

The category manager is responsible for developing the turnover and profitability of one or more product ranges. He defines the assortments, ensures their visibility and coordinates their implementation in the store.

What are the missions of a category manager?

Definition of the product offer: positioning analysis, competitive intelligence, development of the sales plan.
Animation of the product offer (in collaboration with product managers and sales outlets).
Management and monitoring of the performance of the product offer (budget, reporting).

What are the skills of a category manager?

Good knowledge of the company’s sales and marketing policy.
Excellent knowledge of the product range (or universe).
Knowledge of computer tools such as spreadsheets (Excel) or databases.
Ability to manage a project with various stakeholders.
Ability to visualise and realise the presentation and enhancement of assortments.

Marketing Director

The marketing director’s mission is to design, implement and lead the company’s marketing policy in line with the company’s general strategy.

What are the missions of a marketing director?

Design and formalization of the marketing strategy in line with the general strategy of the company.
Definition of the marketing plan, support in its implementation and monitoring of its execution
Definition of the budget and verification of its proper distribution.
Organize the department into services and set up n-1 levels.

What are the skills of a marketing director?

Extensive marketing skills and good knowledge of the business sector and the production process of the good or service.
Experience in the environment of service providers and their consultation methods (competitions, calls for tender).
Budget management.
Management, natural leadership and authority skills.

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Updated 17 May 2023