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During 10 weeks on the Chicago campus, Ombeline, a 3rd year student in the INSEEC Bachelor program, tells us about her American experience. At the prestigious Harrington College of Design, she takes courses built in collaboration with the teaching staff on site and in perfect adequacy with the American dream!

Ombeline, on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower

Why did you choose to go to Chicago?
O. : Since my first year at INSEEC Bachelor I was considering going to the Chicago campus. This is an opportunity to be seized because it is now necessary for every business school student to experience a international experience! Even though I could have left as early as the second year, I chose to wait an extra year to enjoy it more: the length of stay is longer in the third year and I am now a major.

What are your impressions of American culture?
I quickly adapted to the American culture! Americans are generous, welcoming and open. They are also very strict on the rules to be respected especially in professional life – punctuality being the most important. My only difficulty: paying taxes! In France, we always pay the price indicated on the product whereas in the United States, we always have to add the taxes to the final bill and it is difficult to find your way at the beginning.

How are the courses in Chicago? Which course(s) do you enjoy?
The Chicago campus is located in the center of the Loop, the business district, and it’s really nice to study there! The teachers take great care of us. We communicate a lot both in and out of the classroom.
The objective of this exchange is focused on discovering the city and the American culture. We have the opportunity to make many visits: museums, companies, monuments of the city…

How did you find accommodation?
I found my accommodation one month before my departure via the Craiglist network. My apartment is right in the center of the Loop, where many of the other students live. The owner of the apartment is a business school student who also went abroad on exchange, which quickly made the process easier!

Which place(s) would you recommend to your classmates?
For me, the must-see place is of course the Willis Tower: the 103rd floor offers a breathtaking view of the city thanks to its glass cages suspended in the air! I also recommend that they enjoy Millennium Park and visit the Shedd aquarium, the largest indoor aquarium in the world and the free zoo!

Updated 24 February 2022