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As part of theEntrepreneurship course, the 3rd year students of theINSEEC Bachelor were able to discover INCUB, INSEEC’s Incubator . Created 3 years ago, the incubator’s main objective is to spread the culture of entrepreneurship by supporting students and alumni of the INSEEC Group in their startup projects or the creation of new companies.

Louis Marty, Class of 2013 of the INSEEC Business School Louis Marty came to share his experience with the students of the school. With two other friends from his class, Louis decided to surf on the concept of “Food Truck”. While conducting their market research, the students discovered that 1 in 10 French people do not wash their hands at mealtime, compared to 1 in 2 in the United States. This is where ” Handy “, a small capsule that allows you to clean your hands. An adapted pharmaceutical solution, an innovative, fun and practical packaging, the restaurant owners are won over! With a lot of audacity, the concept can even be found on the Roland Garros courts and the partnership has been renewed for the Bercy Masters. After having seduced companies, this company, supported by theINSEEC Incubator, decided to make a “180° turn” and target consumers as well.

During this conference, Louis was able to exchange with the students of the INSEEC Bachelor and give them some advice to undertake their future projects. He confided to them that “youth is a great asset but you have to be professional […], you have to be always one step ahead and you have to create synergies” to carry out such a project.

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In the INSEEC Bachelor program, many students want to become entrepreneurs, like Joseph Biley. Three months ago, this student decided to develop a clothing brand, ” Ojei “, which is based on his Franco-Ivorian culture. The concept has already met with great success: Joseph and his brand were invited to Brussels Fashion Week! To go further, this student decided to develop his brand among 18-25 year olds with the help of his classmates. We wish him good luck!

Updated 24 February 2022