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The Career Centers of the INSEEC U. Group schools have been created to help students define and shape their professional projects, particularly through internships.

At the Bachelor Chambéry, the Career Center offers a set of tools and support to help students optimize their search for an internship or work-study program.

As of the beginning of the school year, modules on “Internship Techniques and Search” are led by Marie-Astrid Billoud, in charge of the Career Center in Chambéry.
During her courses, the CV, the cover letter, the administrative methodology as well as the posture in interviews are carefully worked on.

From the first module, I introduce the students to the Career Center‘s invaluable platform , which is updated daily with internship and work-study offers from our partner companies,” explains Marie-Astrid.

100% placement rate!

At the Bachelor level, all students find an internship. They often emerge transformed from these times in the company. The internship allows you to apply the knowledge you have learned in class and to reinforce your personal skills.
At the end of the course, back to school! The pedagogical department takes over to evaluate the “deliverables” specific to each course. Defense in first year. Second year internship report. Final year defense and thesis (the famous PFE, Final Year Project).

Between the first and third years of the Bachelor’s program, almost an entire year will be devoted to professionalization:

  • sales internship and company immersion internship in the 1st year Bachelor’s program,
  • Skills development internship in the 2nd year of the Bachelor program,
  • Professionalization internship in the 3rd year of the Bachelor program.

In order to support students in their search for an internship or work-study program, two “Job dating” events are organized. They also allow us to consolidate the links established throughout the year with local companies!

Updated 24 February 2022