From the INSEEC Bachelor to the INSEEC Grande Ecole

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Hikhmat, a 3rd year student at INSEEC Bachelor, took and passed the the Grande école competition INSEEC Business School. She tells us.

The INSEEC Business School: a Bac+5 degree conferring the grade of Master

“During the forum for further studies, organized at the school last November, we had the opportunity to register for the entrance exam to the INSEEC Grande Ecole. I jumped at the chance, preferring to be reassured with my orientation, before leaving for my internship at the end of January.

INSEEC Business School is a Grande Ecole that delivers a Master Degree. It is important to put all the chances on one’s side for a good integration in a company. It’s a nice evolution, after my BTS and my Bachelor.

I would like to work in international trade but I am thinking of refining my professional project during my studies at the Business School. I will naturally specialize in International Business.

The date of the competition was set for December 8, a very busy period between the files to be handed in and the exams to be prepared.

I revised with a friend who also took the exam. I downloaded an application on my laptop offering logic tests.

I also practiced with the subjects from previous years, available on the INSEEC Business School website.

The preparation was short but I was confident because we are well prepared with our Bachelor courses. Thanks to our International Press Review classes, in particular, I am more comfortable with current events and English. I felt it during the motivation interview in English, I was not in too much difficulty.

From now on, I will focus on my end of year exams, then I will leave for my internship serenely in February, with the assurance of joining the INSEEC Grande Ecole in September 2016!”

Updated 24 February 2022