Inseec Bachelor in the quarter finals of the French Cup

L'équipe de football de l'Insee bachelor paris victorieuse en coupe de France
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Making history last Thursday, the students of INSEEC Bachelor Paris qualified for the quarter finals of the French Business School Football Cup organized by Saint Gobain! Before preparing for their game against HEC, we have Remi Giacalone captaining the team.

What is your role as a captain?

As captain I try to bring a maximum of cohesion and energy in the group, to push everyone up, to help them to surpass themselves and to make sure that we behave well among us but also with our opponents and the referee. I relay with our coach when necessary and I try to weld this little group together even if it is quite natural! If I’m not the technical leader of the team, I try to be one mentally to energize us, boost us and give our best in every game.

Tell us more about your team?

We are a very close group, we need each other to reach our goal! For the most part we have been used to playing together since our first year of bachelor’s degree and it shows in our relationships both on and off the court. Without having regular weekly training sessions, we have a great team and good automatisms on the field, as well as in the locker room! We always pull each other up and never put anyone down so that everyone feels important to the team! We all have a different history with soccer and in our lives, some of our “cracks” are still playing today in great divisions, have passed through centers and others have only played at the amateur level but in the end everyone is very involved and it is felt in our results!

What about the results?

In the championship we are currently 1st with 5 wins and 1 draw, for a goal average of + 29. In CDF Saint Gobain we came first in the group with 2 wins and 1 draw and will play a 1/4 of particularly difficult final against HEC! If we win the 1/4 and 1/2, we will have the opportunity to play the finals in Clairefontaine! This is our main goal and we will achieve it!

Updated 24 February 2022