Léonard Méchain, in B3 SPORT and in training at L’Equipe !

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It can hardly be better… L’Equipe, or the temple of sports and media! This is currently the location of the end-of-studies internship of Léonard Méchain, a student in Bac+3 INSEEC SPORT on the Chambéry campus. The student tells us about his career path, his current missions as a press relations assistant, and his perspectives.

First Paris… then Chambéry for the traveler Léonard Méchain.

“After graduating from high school, I decided to pursue a degree in sports marketing. So I went toINSEEC Sport Paris and did my first two years there, presents this student sports fan.

Before joining the Chambéry campus for his third year INSEEC SPORT :

“I continued in this training but this time on a different campus, that of Chambéry. This 3rd year brought me a lot, especially on the professional aspect of the sports world. I was very attracted by this world. But I didn’t have a precise vision of the fields in which we could work. Many speakers enlightened me thanks to the descriptions of their experiences, their missions but also by the path they took. This third year also allowed me to reinforce my knowledge in common subjects, such as communication or digital marketing. They are essential bases in the sports world”.

Every day at L’Equipe headquarters!

To validate his third year, Léonard did his end-of-studies internship with the L’Equipe Group.

He tells us a little more:

“I am evolving in the press relations department. My tasks are varied: I write press releases, report on editorial conferences, and put our consultants in touch with journalists for interviews. I also do a lot of follow-up on the media impact of articles published by L’Équipe.

Leonard leaves himself a little time before validating definitively an orientation for the continuation:

“I really want to work in the world of sports, but I don’t know yet what field to choose. I’m very interested in communication as well as events. My internship as well as my master’s degree will surely enlighten me on this choice!”

Let’s face it, Leonard is ready for a new chapter. A new section, as it were.

Updated 4 September 2023