Lola Mollier-Carroz and the Bachelor Sport entrance exam day

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She is a competitive skater. So, she is used to challenges on a regular basis. At 18 years old, and in the process of obtaining an economic and social baccalaureate at the Lycée Jean-Moulin in Albertville, Lola Mollier-Carroz passed the admission tests for the Inseec U. Sport on the Chambéry campus. She tells us about her day.

“I arrived at the written tests a little late… so I was really not well, because that’s not normal. But the reception was very good, they reassured me and allowed me to take them anyway.”

After the general culture (sports!) and English exams, the candidate for Inseec U. Sport has a little more distance. And distills some advice:

“I had received the practice quizzes that the school had sent me. I worked well at home. What I can say to future candidates is to be well informed about current events. For example, the Olympics had just ended… We had questions about medals, etc…”

“I used a sustained vocabulary”.

The students of the Chambéry campus were able to really accompany Lola, with one motto: don’t stress, stay yourself! This was the message delivered just before lunch by campus director David Bouvier.

“On a personal note, I practiced on my own, at home. I had chosen my words well to express myself in front of the jury. But after the director’s speech, I decided to adapt my presentation a little. It is more of an exchange, the jury is really looking to know us, continues the future student. The stress left aside, Lola was finally able to give free rein to her presentation, a bit like on the ice. For her, joining Inseec Sport is a real desire.

Any last words of advice? “I insist, but the school’s welcome is really nice. We’ve been put in very good conditions, so don’t stress out any more than that!”

Updated 24 February 2022