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Maureen Pandraux’ novel has just been published. She divides her life as a student between her classes and writing.

Attracted by foreign languages

Maureen is currently in hersecond year of the ” International Business” program.
I have always been attracted to foreign languages even though I followed a classical course in high school. With a Bac S, I was able to have access to many post-bac courses. But I wanted to stop studying science and INSEEC offered me this program which allows me to take courses in English, 30% in the first year and 70% in thesecond andthird years. Next year, I plan to go on a university exchange and why not a double degree in Denmark or Ireland!

If her life seems to be all set between foreign languages and international travels (Ireland, England, Italy, Netherlands, Canada…), it is not knowing Maureen well!
Because, at just 18 years old, Maureen has a consuming passion: writing. For her, it’s a given. I have been writing since I was a little girl. Not necessarily long texts, but it is a need.

Writing a novel in parallel with her classes

And last year it was the trigger, Maureen took the plunge for the great adventure of a novel, with the secret hope that her story would be spotted by a publishing house.
First, I created cards on each of my characters. I forced myself to write for 1 hour a day for 6 months.
The great academy of assassins ” is born at the end of the summer. He still has to make himself known and find a publishing house. ” Finding a publisher who is interested in my work is not easy especially when you are a first time author like me.
It is finally with Edilivre that Maureen will find the consecration.

A fantasy novel set in the distant future, ” The Great Academy of Assassins ” sees humans sharing the earth with mysterious creatures. The teenagers are trained to exterminate them. But everything will not go as planned!
Want to know what happens next? So run out and get “The Great Academy of Assassins” that Maureen will be happy to sign for you!

With all the encouragement she has received lately, Maureen is on cloud nine! And when asked about her writing prospects, she naturally replies, ” I’m starting to think about a sequel. ”

Updated 24 February 2022