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On the occasion of the admission tests for the first year of INSEEC SPORT, Naëlle Roche, from the Doubs region, tells us about her day and gives some advice to future candidates. With passion and motivation.

As a symbol. The few rays of sunshine that tried to come out of the Chamber’s sky were only a boost of motivation when it was time to enter the campus. After a few hours of driving (and resting!), Naëlle Roche, currently in her final year of high school, knew the importance of this day: she is indeed applying for the first year of INSEEC SPORT. But how did she prepare herself?

For the general sports culture test, I read L’Equipe all week to keep up to date with the latest news and key information”, says the student who also revised “English in a major and consistent way!

As soon as she arrived, Naëlle was taken in hand by students from the campus, in order to accompany her as well as possible and to reassure her.

The expected results…

After a morning of written tests, this sports fan went for the afternoon and the oral exams… The 20-minute motivational interview is a key step in discovering the student’s project and his or her objectives for joining a program. Some advice?

“I worked with someone I knew who is used to these types of interviews. He questioned me, made me review and gave me perfect practice.”

And in the end, how did it go?

“I took my time to answer the questions calmly. I didn’t rush and I tried to be myself. You don’t want to stress yourself out, it’s not helpful.”

However, Naëlle, who is extremely motivated by the idea of joining INSEEC SPORT, is a little bit more motivated a few days before the discovery of her results, which she will receive at home. For the sunny conclusion of a day that started very early.

Updated 24 February 2022