Presentation of the student association, L’œil 9, of the Chambéry Campus

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“Learning by doing…” This expression, so dear to the director of the Chambéry campus, is confirmed even more with the setting up of the communication agency “L’œil 9”, managed entirely by Bachelor students. The team manager, Florio Hummel-Azais, tells us about all the projects and this great experience.

In consultation with the director, David Bouvier, and Alexandre Valentino, the person in charge of associative life, we decided to create our own communication agency,” explains Florio, a second-year Bachelor’s degree student on the Chambéry campus.
Composed of 14 students (8 in the first year and 6 in the second year), Eye 9 offers a whole range of solutions in the school… but also for other clients!
“Over time, we manage to get contacts and assignments like recently with EDF where we had a video service on one of their events. We filmed their conference which was broadcast on You Tube with a three-camera system, continues Florio, who was able to count on the school to help launch this project and to finance a camera and microphone.

A true 360° agency

It’s really a great learning experience,” says the head of the agency, and the proceeds go to the school’s various associations and the BDE.
And concretely, where are the premises?
“Everything is done from school. We basically work in the Cohub space. We worked a lot on the Raclette Cup. Now, we’re on several projects: flyer distribution, logo creation… All this to say that we’re a true 360-degree agency with very competitive prices!”

And why Eye 9?

A bit of storytelling, with the person in charge, who already sees himself as a future company manager:

“The eye is the vision, so we have a real vision of communication for our customers. 9, we wanted to play with novelty, a new state of mind,” concludes Florio, who has already become a true leader.

Updated 24 February 2022