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Inès, a3rd year student, has decided to do a Study Abroad This is an exchange semester in one of the partner universities of the school and the INSEEC Group. After an exemplary TOEFL score, she tried her luck at Emory University, one of the best business schools in the United States, and tells us about her experience:

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Why did you choose to do a Study Abroad?
I.: As soon as I entered the school, I was eager to live this experience! The Study Abroad program is the ultimate international experience for me. Having the chance to study at one of the international universities did not leave me indifferent. I chose an American university to try the American dream. Speaking English every day, living in a foreign country, taking courses I’ve never taken before: I didn’t think twice about trying it!

What were your first impressions?
I am currently at Emory University, nearAtlanta, specifically in Decatur, a small town. Besides, I didn’t expect such a small city, where it’s complicated to get around without a car. But Decatur is a charming city, not far from what we can see in some American series. I take advantage of my weekends to visit Atlanta, which is a very large and lively city.

What is life like on campus?
The university campus never sleeps! That’s probably what struck me the most. The libraries are open 24 hours a day, there are even late night classes and students are working and wandering the halls at all hours! The campus is a mini-city: there is even a special police force, the “Emory Police”. Everything is over the top and it’s almost normal to go shopping between classes!

How did you fit in?
On site, we are welcomed by a very competent teaching team. Without this help, we would probably have been lost! However, unlike our school, there are no teachers who take a particular interest in the students. So we are forced to blend in.
I don’t hide the fact that it was difficult at times because we are always afraid that others won’t understand that we are foreigners and that we might be a bit lost. It is also quite difficult to adapt to the very computerized system of the university but with time you get used to it!

How did you find accommodation on site?
I found housing through the International Relations Office. I live in a residence near campus.

Updated 24 February 2022