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Caroline, a3rd year student, decided to do a Study Abroad This is an exchange semester in one of the partner universities of the school and the INSEEC Group. Currently at San Francisco State University since the beginning of the semester, she tells us about her experience:

Why did you choose to do a Study Abroad?
C.: Since I entered this school, I wanted to go on a Study Abroad and more specifically to the United States. Indeed, I have always been very attracted to the USA and studying on an American campus was one of the experiences I wanted to have! For me as a French student, it was a chance! We are always told about Erasmus but very little about exchange experience. The universities offered by the school are known for their good results. An experience like that can only be rewarding for my future and professional life!

What were your impressions of San Francisco?
When I arrived in San Francisco, I didn’t expect this at all: it is a very special city that doesn’t look at all like the other American cities I have seen in pictures or visited! I was a little confused. It’s a city that really has its own personality in terms of architecture and rhythm, it’s very quiet compared to Paris but it’s quite pleasant.

What is campus life like?
The days I spend on campus are very pleasant! For lunch, we have a choice. The spaces set up to work alone or in groups are very good, everything is done to be able to work as well as possible because there is a large amount of individual work.

How did you fit in?
In almost all the courses, we have group work which makes it easier to integrate and then the Americans are very welcoming people, for any problem, they do not mind helping.

How did you find accommodation on site?

My roommates and I had found a place to live before we came here. One of my roommates had a contact there, so I was lucky. But I know someone I know, currently on exchange in San Francisco, went to a hostel for a few days when she arrived and then found a place to stay very quickly!

Updated 24 February 2022