The internship in Dubai of Agathe Clément and Camille Gallois during the Bachelor Business International

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As part of their Bachelor’s degree in International Business on the Chambéry campus, Agathe Clément and Camille Gallois traveled many miles to obtain an internship at the Hilton Group in Dubai. In the communication and marketing department, the two students are not idle! They share their story in the form of a postcard.

They are smiling on the other end of the line. Thousands of miles from the Chambéry campus. Agathe, 19 years old, and Camille, 20 years old, are both in the same internship. Currently in their second year of the Bachelor program, they benefited from the school’s network and the numerous contacts of the campus director to land this internship in Dubai.

“We are in charge of communication and marketing for the Hilton Group hotels. We have the objective to organize events for two important periods: Ramadan and the Football World Cup”, presents Agathe, holder of a BAC ES and native of Franche-Comté.

“We are really lucky to be in a group that is very focused on management and employee well-being. During this internship, we rub shoulders with many nationalities, Indians and a lot of Europeans,” continues the student who really wanted to come to Dubai. “for business because it is an extremely interesting territory for economic business.”

“We always have to come up with new ideas, especially on social networks”

Satisfaction is what you hear!

We were really well received,” says Camille, who has an STMG degree.

“We often move from the office and we have to deal with social networks in particular,” continues the student who admits “that Dubai is a change from the Chambéry area!Laughter

It was also an opportunity to thank David Bouvier, Campus Director, for putting him in touch with Laurent Rigaud, General Manager of Operations for the Hilton Group in Dubai, who was a real link on the spot.

“The city is really international and that’s a big plus for our resume.”

No vacations for our two students who will return on July 23rd. With memories filled in the head but especially a professional experience particularly impactful for the rest of their careers!

It just goes to show that from Inseec U. to Dubai, there is sometimes only one step.

Updated 24 February 2022