How to become an international buyer?

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Are you passionate about business, sales and everything related to it and would you like to have an international career? Are you aiming for a key position within the company you work for? Then find out how to become an international buyer.

In summary:

Become an international buyer:

  • Requires you to train ideally with a business and/or management school.
  • Requires technical skills and excellent command of English and/or other foreign languages.
  • You are required to develop personal qualities including good interpersonal skills and excellent negotiation skills.
  • Guarantees you an interesting and progressive remuneration.

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How do I become an international buyer?

To become an international buyer, you need to prepare yourself well in advance by developing the right qualities and choosing the right curriculum. First of all, it is a profession that is practiced in the field of commerce, marketing, management, law or logistics. The training you choose must then relate to one of these.

Secondly, becoming an international buyer requires you to be fluent in at least English. This is a skill you can try to learn from high school and develop throughout your college years. Finally, you need to specialize in the area you prefer to practice your profession.

What are the missions of the international buyer?

As aninternational buyer, you have many responsibilities and missions. Among the most important ones, we can mention the following:

  • correspond with foreign suppliers;
  • Negotiate prices and ensure that the proposed products meet the company’s needs;
  • to carry out a prospection and to look for suppliers;
  • check and test the proposed products when necessary.

What training should I take to become an international buyer?

To become an international buyer, you need to choose a course of study related to business, marketing or management. Thus, the ideal is to integrate a business and/or management school. JoinInseec to do your training specialized in international business. The degree required for this type of job is now a BAC+5.

Thus, consult the Inseec website to study the list of programs and specializations offered. For example, you can decide to do a bachelor’s degree in business development right after high school. Then, you can continue with an MSc Purchasing and Supply Chain in French/English or a Grande Ecole program with a purchasing major.

What are the skills developed through this course?

  • Understand the specificities of the B2B environment
  • Master the B2B marketing approach and tools
  • Understanding networked organizations
  • Develop purchasing skills
  • Understanding pricing systems
  • Learn to analyze customers, competitors and market conditions.

If you would like more details, particularly on work-study programs or other opportunities in the international sector, you can consult the FAQ section.

In what environment does the international buyer work?

Theinternational buyer works in an international and multicultural environment. Whether you decide to work in a company or as a freelancer, this profession requires you to be in constant contact with foreign suppliers. This is why it is imperative for you to be fluent in at least English, with other foreign languages always welcome.

As aninternational buyer, you will also be involved in sales, marketing, communication, logistics and/or management. These are then areas where you absolutely must master the basics.

What are the qualities required to become an international buyer?

To become an international buyer and excel in this profession, you must acquire certain qualities, including the following:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills and good communication skills;
  • be able to negotiate when necessary;
  • have the analytical skills to find the suppliers who offer the best quality-price ratio;
  • Be honest and have integrity in the performance of your duties;
  • rigor and precision;
  • Be organized in the management of your missions.

What is the salary of an international buyer?

In general, your salary as aninternational buyer is sufficient to allow you to live comfortably. Also, depending on your skills and seniority, it may vary. It may also depend on the size of the company you work for. Thus, when you start out, you can earn a net monthly salary of about 2,500 euros. With more experience or depending on the company you joined, you can have up to 5,000 euros per month, or even more. Often, you can also earn a commission when your work is well done.

Updated 13 July 2023