How to do a training in the trade?

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Are you passionate about business and company management? Would you like to study in these areas to be able to work in a commercial field? Thinking about training, but don’t know the right course to take? Find out in this article how to do a business training.

In summary:

  • You can study business at a university or at a business and/or management school.
  • You have the choice between doing a short cycle and doing a long cycle.
  • Choose a work-study program to gain experience more quickly.
  • It is more obvious for companies to recruit students who have completed a business course at a business school.

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How do I enroll in a business training program?

The admission procedure imposed may differ from one institution to another. If you want to train in business, it’s best to check with the school beforehand. If you have a baccalaureate and have chosen a major that is related to business, you can normally enter a business program from the first year of higher education.

You may also choose a track in a related field such as finance, marketing or law. After a short cycle of 2 or 3 years, you can then look to enter a business school. In this case and depending on the institution, you may have to take a competitive exam or submit an application.

What training to do in the trade?

Regardless of the institution where you plan to study business, you can choose the length of the course.

A short cycle

Do you want to be operational more quickly and have a diploma that allows you to enter a trade? Do you want to enter the working world as soon as possible? This is the right short cycle for you. You can choose to do your business training at either a public university or a specialized school.

In the first case, you can take a BTS or a BUT which are both obtained in 2 years. Or you can also opt for a professional license which is very professionalizing. However, choose a bachelor’s degree instead if you plan to continue your education.

If you prefer to do business training at a private institution, you can usually take a bachelor’s or BBA degree.

H3: A long cycle

If you have the ambition to reach jobs with greater responsibilities, choose to do a long cycle. You need at least 5 years of study to obtain your degree. If you do a business course in the public sector, you can obtain a master’s degree in international business. Instead, opt for a specialized school to take a master’s degree, an MSc or an MBA.

Why do a business course in a management school?

You want to benefit from the most appropriate training to be as competent as operational as soon as you leave your training? The ideal is tointegrate a management school like Inseec. All the specializations they offer are necessarily related to business and company management. This will give you an excellent foundation and develop technical skills.

Why choose to do a work-study program in commerce?

Like many students, make the choice to do a business training program in alternating years. This is a great way to optimize your time since you can take the theoretical courses while doing the practical work in the company. Your training is then much more professional and aims to make you operational as soon as you obtain your diploma.

What is the profile of students in business education?

Students who study business normally chose a scientific and/or technical stream in their baccalaureate. Also, they must have an excellent command of one or more foreign languages, always including English. They are also versatile in that business is a multidisciplinary field. This gives them access to a variety of jobs.

Which business course should I choose at Inseec?

Join Inseec for training in business. Visit the school’s website to learn about all your options. You can even ask your questions in the FAQ section if needed. Choose Inseec’s Business specialization, which gives you access to numerous Bachelor’s and Master’s programs.

Updated 15 May 2023