How to reconvert in the trade?

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Have you already begun studies related to the field of business? You want to build all your professional projects around trade, but you don’t know how to reconvert in trade? This article sheds light on this subject.

In summary:

Retraining in commerce:

  • Involves having done previous studies related to it.
  • Is possible thanks to the staggered entries.
  • Imposes to have validated the level that precedes the one you want to start.
  • Is possible in most business schools and/or management schools.

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How do you go about retraining in commerce?

If you are sure you want to go into business, there are a number of parameters to consider. First, make sure that the education you have done is business related. Most institutions that teach this area do require it before allowing you to enter their programs.

To be accepted into a business training program, you may have studied marketing, management, finance, communication or law. Then, you must ask the school you wish to attend about admission procedures and dates. Ideally, look for a school that allows you to take advantage of staggered start times to avoid having to repeat a year.

What jobs should I consider if I want to change careers in the trade?

By choosing to retrain in commerce, you give yourself the opportunity to enter the business and related fields. If you opt for a short course, you can become a salesperson, sales assistant or management assistant in a small business. With a long cycle, you can become an executive, a manager or even a director.

The advantage of going into business is that it can also expose you to excellent opportunities internationally. Indeed, if you are fluent in foreign languages, including at least English, you can consider this path and study international business.

Why would you want to go into business?

There are many reasons why more and more students want to go into business. Among the most frequent ones, we can mention the following:

  • Commerce and its related fields are sectors that are recruiting;
  • employability is high after a business education;
  • it is possible to study business in alternation;
  • Most business schools have a partnership with companies and/or other international universities;
  • it gives you the opportunity to have an international career if you know foreign languages.

How long does it take to get into the trade?

The amount of time it takes you to retrain in business generally depends on the level you want to enter. It may also vary depending on the conditions that the chosen institution imposes to allow your admission.

That said, as a general rule, all you need to do is validate the previous level and meet the re-entry date. For example, if you have already completed your first year, you can normally enter thesecond year of a business program at the beginning of the next school year.

To avoid repeating a grade or wasting a year waiting for the next school year to start, you can also take advantage of staggered start dates.

What qualities do you need to have to go into business?

In order to succeed in your transition to the trade, you must develop certain qualities, including the following:

  • be motivated and ambitious;
  • have self-discipline, especially if you are considering a work-study program;
  • develop your interpersonal skills and have excellent communication skills;
  • learn to be strategic and notice the details that make a difference;
  • learn to love foreign languages and master some of them, especially English.

What training should I do at Inseec to change careers in business?

In the context of a career change in commerce, Inseec offers you the Bachelor’s program in International Commerce. The ideal is of course to enter directly into the first year of a bachelor’s degree after the baccalauréat. However, it is possible to start in thesecond year after having completed your first year in a different program or school. This is the same case for entering the 3rd year. Visit the school’s website to see the admissions procedures for Inseec. If you want more information about the school and the programs it offers, you can also go to the FAQ section of the site.

Updated 15 May 2023