How to reorient yourself after a Master 1 ?

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There are many reasons why you may choose to reorient yourself after a Master 1. Thus, you must choose carefully the new courses to follow and the schools in which you wish to complete your studies.

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Why decide to reorient yourself after a Master 1?

After a few years of study, the chosen field of study is inappropriate for you. You realize that the master’s degree you have chosen goes against your real aspirations. Even in Master 1, you are allowed to make mistakes and you may feel unmotivated at some point. You may also find that the field is saturated and that there are almost no job opportunities and opt for a change of direction.

Take some time to think about why you want to learn about reorientation after your Master 1. This helps you to better select the new course of study. This work on yourself is highly recommended.

How to decide on a new direction?

Changing your career path may be driven by a desire for greater economic stability or personal fulfillment. Indeed, there are many opportunities in other training programs. Thus, a good integration in the professional world allows to live comfortably.

Especially since it is possible to combine your personal tastes with your desire to succeed in school. This is done by choosing a list of courses that fit your aspirations. The key is to assert your desires and find the path that allows you to enter the job market easily.

To find your way, you need to think hard. Before choosing a specific profession or training, identify the sectors of activity that attract you. Then focus on the possible jobs in this sector, choose the ones you like.

Then comes the step of finding out how to reach this job, with what training.

Choosing a course of study implies that you know what the opportunities are. Afterwards, you are able to continue your studies and feel comfortable. You also need to take a long-term approach, matching your skills with your desired career options.

Which schools should I choose to reorient myself after a Master 1?

Reorienting yourself on Parcoursup

Reorientation after a first year in higher education can be done on Parcoursup. Parcoursup offers 19,500 courses in 2022. Even if it is possible to access certain specialized schools without Parcoursup, for the majority, the platform remains the only option.

Going through Parcoursup is almost compulsory when you want to register for a first-year program. At INSEEC, however, the application for the 1st year of the Bachelor program is done outside of Parcours sup.

Reorienting yourself without Parcoursup: university, IEP, engineering school, IAE

After a Master 1, you can choose from many options without going through Parcoursup. In such a case, to be accepted into a Master 2 program, you must apply for admission and have a good file (grades, professional project, CV).

After a Master 1 at the university, you can try to follow a Master in IEP, in business school, or in engineering school. There are parallel admissions (via the Écricome and Puissance Alpha competitions) which allow you to enter these programs. However, your academic record must be perfect. You must pass written and oral tests to enter these programs.

Another option is the MSc 2nd year at INSEEC (Institut des Hautes Études Économiques et Commerciales). It is intended for students in the process of validating a Bac+4, or with a Bac+4 or +5. The eligibility criteria include an examination and selection of the application by a jury. The academic quality of the school career and the relevance of the professional project are taken into account. The quality of the argument, the diversity of professional experience and the level of language are also analyzed. The average response time for the admissions department is 10 days.

You can also choose a training in alternating at the INSEEC business school. The work-study program is open to students in the 3rd year of the Bachelor’s program, the 1st and 2nd year of the MSc program, and the 1st and 2nd year of the Master’s program of the Grande Ecole program. In addition, the INSEEC BBA program offers a work-study program under an apprenticeship contract. This program is only available to students in the 4th year of the International Business and Innovation major. We offer 2 start dates in September and February.

Updated 25 January 2024