How to study E-commerce?

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With many brands launching their online stores, shopping on the Internet has become a common practice. Do you want to contribute to the development of different brands or are you planning to launch your own e-shop? Zoom on the curriculum to follow.

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How to study e-commerce?

The field of e-commerce encompasses several concepts, from the creation of an online sales platform to its overall management to ensure that it is efficient and attractive. It is therefore essential to define your project in e-commerce to facilitate the search for a training. Do you want to learn a few things to be able to create an online store? Or do you want to learn how to increase the visibility of your website?

You should know that there are many short and medium term training courses that focus on different aspects of e-commerce. To deepen the subject and become versatile, it is however advised to follow a business school curriculum. This is a way to gain enough knowledge and network to launch your business and/or work for reputable online sales platforms.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce or electronic commerce encompasses all sales transactions made online. In other words, it is based on the creation of a sales platform, offering different types of products and services. It generally takes two forms, namely:

  • exchanges on generalized sites such as eBay or Le Bon Coin, where anyone can post an offer to sell and make purchases;
  • Transactions on the website of a specific company that offers a catalog of its products.

In addition to the creation of a sales platform, e-commerce also relies on different techniques to promote the brand and the products. Indeed, the notions of webmarketing are essential to gain audience and notoriety in order to promote your online store.

Why is it important to study e-commerce?

Studying e-commerce means becoming familiar with the different aspects of the field. Contrary to a classic training, the studies in business school are complete and allow you to become versatile. The course teaches you more than just the basics of creating an online store. Studies are a way to have different baggage, thanks to knowledge in :

  • digital marketing, by learning the concepts of natural and paid referencing or community management;
  • business law ;
  • business strategy;
  • budget management.

In other words, you will be able to master all the points to start your own business or to enhance your resume with companies. You should also know that E-Commerce studies can offer you the opportunity to work internationally.

Is it possible to start an e-commerce business without having studied in a business school?

Are you wondering if it is possible to start an e-commerce business without any prior knowledge? The answer is yes. In fact, you can start your business if you have a selling proposition that might appeal to consumers.

However, it is likely that you will encounter difficulties in getting your brand known and reaching your target audience. The same goes for the financial management of your business. By studying, you avoid having to rely on a third party to manage your business. Furthermore, it is a way to professionalize yourself in your field.

What are the different types of businesses in e-commerce?

Like all businesses, there are several forms of e-commerce, namely:

  • B2C or business to consumer, which means that the products and services offered are intended for individual consumers
  • B2B or business to business, i.e. an exchange of goods and services from one company to another
  • C2B or consumer to business, when the transaction is initiated by the customer, according to the principle of a call for tender
  • C2C or consumer to consumer, where exchanges take place on platforms where consumers make transactions between them

Which courses to study e-commerce at INSEEC?

At INSEEC, a leading business and management school, we offer training courses that enable students to acquire cutting-edge expertise in the e-commerce sector. The business sector is at the heart of our pedagogy with a strong entrepreneurial fiber for over 20 years.

Depending on your level of study, you can enter a Bachelor or Master program. Among the possible choices, you have :

Updated 13 July 2023