How to succeed in international trade?

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Are you sure you want to work in retail? Do you have ambitions for an international career, but don’t know how to succeed in international business? This article will explain in detail what you need to know, from the training you need to take to the skills and qualities you need to have.

In summary:

Succeeding in international trade:

  • This involves prospecting for customers and then building loyalty.
  • Induces the ability to correspond with prospects and therefore to master foreign languages.
  • Requires you to acquire well-defined skills and personal qualities.
  • Is possible by training beforehand at a business and/or management school.

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How to succeed in a career in international trade?

If you want to make a career in international business and excel in your field, here are some tips to follow:

  • Choose your course of study carefully and the institution where you want to train. Ideally, choose a business and management school such asInseec;
  • Try to master several foreign languages in addition to English to broaden your field of activity;
  • Work on the personal qualities you need to have to be able to carry out your missions. These include good interpersonal skills, rigor, good negotiation skills and a taste for risk;
  • Always seek to develop your technical skills in order to be more effective in prospecting and negotiating;
  • Focus on prospecting to expand your customer base as much as possible and then make sure you retain them.

What are the different branches of international trade?

There are many other areas that are related to trade and there are more that are related to international trade. Indeed, you must master the basics. Among the most important ones, we can mention the following branches:

  • international law ;
  • finance, management and marketing;
  • import-export ;
  • logistics;
  • Communication
  • foreign languages, especially English.

How to train in international trade?

Good training is essential for success in international business. Ideally, it is advisable to integrate a business and management school such as Inseec to benefit from the appropriate training.

By joining this school, you have the opportunity to study not only everything related to business, but also related fields. You can get a great handle on finance, communication, management and marketing. You should also focus on learning foreign languages, especially English.

Thus, to succeed in international trade, you can start with a bachelor e-commerce and start-up after the baccalaureate. Then, for an international career, you can choose a BBA – International Business & Innovation Major. Go to the school’s website to find out what other programs are available and ask your questions in the FAQ section.

What are the essential qualities for success in international trade?

To be successful in international business, there are qualities you must acquire and develop throughout your career.

  • you need to be organized enough to manage your appointments with the different potential clients;
  • You must have a good sense of negotiation;
  • You have to develop a good relationship in order to improve the customer relationship of the company for which you work;
  • You also need to be analytical and detailed in order to define the best business development strategy to adopt.

How to choose the right foreign market to succeed in international trade?

To succeed in international business, choosing the right foreign market matters a lot. To avoid making mistakes, there are many parameters to consider. Among other things, study the regulations that apply to trade with a country.

Next, make sure that the product you are promoting is relevant to the needs of the target country. Also consider the logistics and the means to promote the product and/or service to a foreign customer.

How to develop an effective marketing strategy abroad to succeed in international trade?

Success in international business depends on developing an effective marketing strategy. It is a matter of identifying beforehand the possible needs of the consumers and then defining the target customers. Then, all available means should be used to develop the product on the international market. It can be social networks, blogs or even advertisements.

Updated 15 May 2023