What are the E-commerce jobs?

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With the evolution of technology, several companies are launching into E-commerce to promote their brand. Looking for a job opportunity in this growing industry? Zoom on the main professions of E-commerce.

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What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is a form of commerce that uses the Internet and other computer technologies to facilitate commercial transactions. Transactions usually involve goods or services, and may be between individuals or businesses.

E-commerce is growing due to the increased use of the Internet and related technologies, and the convenience and flexibility it offers consumers and businesses. Consumers can buy products and services anytime, anywhere, and businesses can expand their reach by offering their products to a global customer base. Consumers can also benefit from better deals and lower prices, as companies can reduce their labor and raw material costs by using e-commerce.

Following the Covid, it has experienced a tremendous growth! You too can join the ranks of digital marketing and e-commerce!

Which E-commerce professions are recruiting the most?

E-commerce is developing in several sectors. In addition to the “pure players” companies, whose main activity revolves around the web, several others have joined the digitalization by developing their online store.

In order to meet the demand, they call upon different E-commerce professionals. The positions that recruit the most fall into several categories, namely:

  • Logistics jobs, such aslogistics manager, warehouse and stock manager;
  • the professions that promote the site and create content. These include positions such as SEO manager, traffic manager or community manager;
  • digital creation and maintenance of the platform, such as web developers.

FOCUS on these professions on our career pages below.

What are the E-commerce jobs related to logistics?

Like all the professions linked to the sale and the proposal of service, the E-commerce relies on a well-tried logistics. Indeed, it concerns all the techniques of stock management and routing of goods to the consumer. You want to combine logistics and E-commerce? Apply for one of the following jobs:

  • Logistics manager: as the name suggests, he or she is primarily responsible for the overall management of inventory and merchandise. It also puts in place a strategy to get the products to the consumer;
  • customer service manager: by managing customer files, he/she focuses on their satisfaction, with the objective of building their loyalty;

stock manager or warehouse keeper: under the supervision of the logistics manager, the stock manager manages the flow of goods. He is the person to contact to ensure the availability of products in store.

What are the E-commerce jobs related to web marketing?

The webmarketing focuses on the promotion of the E-commerce platform. In other words, professionals in the field develop marketing strategies that meet the expectations of both consumers and search engines.

  • the traffic manager, also known as the acquisition manager: he is in charge of organizing everything that aims to bring traffic to the site. To do this, he implements strategies based on referencing techniques (paying), e-mailing or advertising;
  • The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) manager: focuses on customer relations. His role is to define strategies to interact with them and then to retain them;
  • SEO manager: he is in charge of the natural referencing of the E-commerce platform. Its objective is to position itself favorably on search engines and to gain visibility;
  • community manager : he/she takes care of the visibility of the site through social networks by proposing various contents.

What are the E-commerce jobs related to digital creation?

Digital creation being one of the bases of E-commerce, many professionals are sought in the field:

  • Network Architect: Focuses on the design of the entire computer system and ensures that it functions properly.
  • Web Developer: At the heart of the project, he/she is responsible for the development and maintenance of the site as well as any applications linked to the e-commerce platform.
  • Webdesigner: If the web developer focuses on the technical aspect, the webdesigner ensures the aesthetic aspect of the site.
  • Graphic designer: A visual professional, he develops communication tools using images, videos and any other relevant digital content.
  • UX designer : He watches over the user experience. In other words, it ensures that the consumer navigates the e-commerce platform without difficulty.

How to train in E-commerce at INSEEC?

Do you want to train in E-commerce by joining INSEEC? You should know that the school has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree to help you reach your target position:

  • The Bachelor’s degree in Business Development – E-commerce and Startup, accessible after the Bac in an initial or alternating course; it allows students to develop their skills in sales techniques and their ability to undertake and innovate. It is also a choice of global program since all dimensions of the company are addressed.
  • The Master of Science in Digital Marketing & E-Business, after a Bac+3, Bac+4 or directly in Bac+5. In this training theThe focus is on the expertise of both organic and paid levers. The program aims to train future employees in business techniques while developing a critical mindset about future technological developments.

In addition to these two tracks, there is a Grande Ecole program in entrepreneurship, management and leadership, which leads to a Master’s degree.
For more information on this subject you can consult our specialized digital or commercial FAQ.

Updated 13 July 2023