What are the future jobs in the trade?

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Do you want to secure a permanent place in a company? Do you want to invest your energy to enter a promising trade? It is still necessary to know them. This article tells you what are the future jobs in the trade.

In summary:

Future professions in the trade:

  • Are many to recruit nowadays.
  • Include digital professions.
  • They are ideally accessible after training in a business and/or management school.
  • Requires at least a bachelor’s degree.

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What are the jobs that will recruit in the commercial and management sectors?

With the evolution of technology and digital, the business and management professions that will be recruiting are mainly those of digital. Among these, we can mention the following:


Normally, business and/or management studies train you to become a salesperson first. That said, with the development of digital technology, the job of web marketer is a digital job that is recruiting more and more. It’s about doing the job of a salesperson and an online salesperson, using different networks and platforms available today.

Marketing Manager

With the evolution of technology, the job of marketing manager involves new tasks and is recruiting more. When you enter this profession, it is your duty to implement an effective marketing strategy and an excellent communication plan. This is where digital comes in. The more mastery you have in this area, the better you can excel at your job.

Product Manager

By accessing the profession of product manageryou become the first person in charge of developing a product. It is up to you to make it successful in the market.

To do this, you must also use the various digital tools and thus promote the product and/or service in question. You may even have to act internationally if the company you work for has clients abroad.

Traffic manager

The job of traffic manager has developed a lot with the evolution of the digital sector. In business and management, it is about taking care of everything related to the promotional campaign of a particular product and/or service. By becoming a traffic manager, it is your duty to advertise them using different digital tools.

Business manager

The profession of business manager is also a profession of the future. It consists in ensuring the development of the company’s business. By accessing it, you have to remain attentive to the needs of the customers and make sure that the products offered are in line. This is a job that you can also do internationally.

Is commerce still a sector of the future?

Commerce is a sector that can affect many others. Virtually all businesses that operate for profit are in commerce. This is what makes it a sector of the future. In a constantly changing world and with the development of digital technology, the number of new commercial jobs is increasing.

How to train for future careers in commerce thanks to INSEEC?

To ensure that you remain in business in the near future, you should train in the trades of the future. To do this, the ideal is to seek admission to a business and management school like Inseec. Specialized in these fields, it offers programs that aim to make you versatile and operational, including the Business/Commerce specialization for example.

Go to the Inseec website to consult the list of available programs in the specializations section. You can, for example, take a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication and development before specializing in an MSc in business development and engineering.

Which sectors are recruiting the most?

Future careers in commerce can be categorized according to the sector of activity in which the company operates. Among those that are recruiting the most, we can mention the digital professions, those in the automotive sector, those in insurance and those in real estate.

Would you like to know more about the jobs of the future in commerce? Check out our FAQ page!

Updated 13 July 2023