What are the jobs in customer relations?

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Customer relations are directly linked to the financial health of your company. By building strong relationships with your customers, you build loyalty and keep valuable customers for the long term. This will increase revenue from repeat purchases. Understanding the different types of jobs available in the customer relations field will help you decide if this is the industry for you. Jobs in this profession range from telephone support positions to Key Account Manager roles with major clients.

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What are the job titles in customer relations?

When it comes to customer service job titles, there are many variations in different industries. Customer relations jobs encompass many titles and terms such as customer service, customer support, customer experience and customer success manager.

There are many job opportunities for those considering a career in customer relations. These positions are available in almost every sector. Major employers include call centers, in-store and online retailers, credit companies, insurance companies and financial institutions.

As acall center agent, you can work from home or work in a call center. Regardless of location, you will respond to customer inquiries by phone or email. It is an intense job that does not require a graduate degree.

A Customer Service Representative (CSR) is a versatile title that covers many different roles in customer service. Customer service representatives interact with customers. They process orders, provide information about an organization’s products and services, and resolve problems.

Customer relationship coordinators are responsible for understanding customer needs and building customer loyalty. They also oversee interactions between staff and customers. This job requires strong project management skills and the ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Customer relations employees build and maintain relationships with their organization’s most important customers. The goal is to ensure that they are satisfied with the company’s services and products. You can follow a work-study program at INSEEC business school to learn how to manage customer relationships.

How to train at INSEEC in customer relations?

Customer service training programs are courses or certifications that provide employees with the skills. Meeting customer expectations and increasing customer satisfaction are the objectives of such training. At INSEEC, these courses are grouped within the business/commerce division.

For example, you can access positions in the field of customer relations through our training courses:

Among the skills developed in our programs:

  • Drawing up a business plan
  • Master sales and commercial negotiation techniques
  • Managing a team
  • Starting and developing a franchise
  • Diagnose a foreign market and adapt your offer to its specificities
  • Mastering a commercial negotiation

These acquired skills help to find solutions, answer questions and better communicate with clients.

Which customer relations jobs pay the best?

Salary differences can be significant for different jobs and functions.

Customer loyalty managers are professionals who perform a similar mission to the customer service manager. However, their action is exclusively focused on customer loyalty. The remuneration of the loyalty manager varies according to his professional experience and the company’s structure. However, this salary can vary between 3,000 and 5,000 euros gross per month.

The account manager designates a salesperson to prescribe advertising solutions to their clients. He serves as a liaison between his company and consumers. As a communication specialist, he/she is in charge of a portfolio of advertisers to manage and build loyalty.

The remuneration of an account manager is, at the beginning of his or her career, between 2,000 and 3,500 euros gross per month.

What are the future jobs in customer relations?

Not to be confused with inbound sales, inside sales are related to the exact location where sales activities take place. An inside sales representative tends to work exclusively behind a computer, usually in the office or at home.

His job is to seek out new sales opportunities through inbound lead follow-up and outbound telephone and email canvassing. He needs to understand the customer’s needs and requirements in order to satisfy them in the best possible way. He has an administrative position, he transfers qualified opportunities to the sales managers to close the sale.

Generally, inside salespeople use CRMs to conduct much of their sales activity. In addition, hiring managers look for characteristics such as:

  • the ability to multi-task;
  • strong writing skills;
  • good organization.

What are the future jobs in customer relations?

In the future, the role of customer relations will become increasingly important. Indeed, it connects all existing businesses, from employees to stakeholders, departments and teams. Customer relationship management becomes a know-how used not only by the teams in contact with the customers, but also by the whole organization.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly essential for sales and marketing. The latter is beginning to be integrated into customer relationship management systems. This additional functionality promises to enhance, not replace, the human component of sales. Sales professionals in the coming years will use AI to complement their skills and efforts. It will also allow them to go further in the current trend of personalizing the customer journey.

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Updated 13 July 2023